Thursday, November 19, 2020

Why it's Important to Brand Yourself in Direct Sales

Why it's Important to Brand Yourself in Direct Sales

Hey there Mompreneurs!  I hope you are all having a great week.  Today I wanted to chat with all of you about why it's important to brand yourself in Direct Sales.  After spending 9 years in the industry, I have found one of the keys to success is setting yourself apart from the other consultants in your company by branding yourself.   In a noisy on line world, you only have a few seconds to grab the attention of your network.  If you are inconsistent in your branding and not setting yourself apart from the crowd, you will quickly go unnoticed. How do you grab your network's attention to keep them from scrolling by? Branding is the key!

Branding is more than just fancy fonts or logos, it is also your authentic voice and what makes you, YOU!  A clear brand will allow your clients to get to know you, your personality and your message. Clients typically buy from people they know, like and trust which is the ultimate goal when it comes to building your own unique brand.  Branding yourself also sets you apart from the other consultants in your company and from your company itself.  It shows you are a true professional who takes their direct sales business seriously and that you are not just another sales consultant trying to sell products.

How to Brand Yourself in Direct Sales

When first establishing your brand, begin by establishing your personality and on line voice.  Whether you want to come across as someone who is fun and upbeat or a more serious expert that provides value, be sure you are portraying your true authentic self.  Being authentic helps your network to better connect with you and builds trust, however, you don't want to get too personal by oversharing every little detail of your life.  Always keep your branding message upbeat and positive regardless of what is going on in your personal life!

Colors and fonts play an important part when establishing your personal brand.  I recommend choosing three to six colors and two to three fonts to use.  An easy way to bring your brand message to life is to utilize a brand board.  A brand board is an easy way to organize all of your fonts, colors, patterns, and logos to ensure that any graphic you create is cohesive with your brand.

Once you have decided on colors and fonts, it's time to create a logo using your key branding elements.  Choose a logo that is easily recognizable and is consistent with your branding message.  I highly recommend using your logo to watermark all of your images, it marks your ownership of that image and helps a potential customer to easily circle back with you.

One thing to keep in mind when building your brand is to identify your target market and who you want to market to.  It's important for your brand to align and "speak to" this target market.  This is called defining your niche market.  Defining my niche helped me to:
  • understand my customers specific needs
  • become the expert 
  • stand out from competitors
  • build trust and credibility
  • stand out in a saturated market
Not everyone is your customer, when you try to speak to everyone, you speak to no one.  Once you identify who is, you can speak to them specifically and focus on their needs through your brand message.  

What to Do Once You have Established Your Brand

Once you have established your brand, be consistent with it across all of your social media channels.  Your network will not always see every post you make, which is why your brand message must always remain the same when they do happen to scroll by.  Posting frequently on social media with a consistent brand message will help you to become easily recognized and leave a lasting impression with your network.  Did you know it takes a potential client to see something at least 8-10 times before they will actually listen?  It also takes someone listening to your message 21 times before they will actually buy.  Consistency and frequency in your branding message is the key to your network recognizing and remembering you!

Have you branded your direct sales business yet or do you still need a little direction?  I would love to help you build the brand of your dreams and to help you stand out in this noisy on line world.  Please feel free to contact me at with any questions or check out my Etsy shop to see some of my pre made brand boards and logos.

Don't forget to sign up for my Ultimate Brand Checklist to help you build a brand that will get you noticed!

Have a great day!



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Monday, November 16, 2020


Happy Monday friends! I hope you all had a wonderful weekend and are staying healthy and safe during these uncertain times. I am so thrilled to introduce to you today The Theorem Method. I know you all have been hearing about this new haircare system on my Instagram Account and I am excited to finally take a few moments to write more about these amazing products in a blog post.
The Theorem Method is a 3 step hair care system that is so easy and effective. The 3 products that make up the Theorem Method are: Square Root which balances the Ph of your scalp, Density which plumps and strengthens your hair and Sugar Pi which works to mend your split ends and keep hair soft and shiny. You can continue your existing shampoo and conditioner with the Theorem Method although Theorem is launching 2 lines of their own shampoo and conditioner in just a few short weeks! Theorem has an all FEMALE Research & Development team so you know that they know women's hair! They've been formulating these products for YEARS and finally decided to share them with the world in 2020. The products are all backed by science and have been through clinical trials and the are just truly game changing. Not to mention they are harsh chemical free and Vegan!

I'm really enjoying working with this new company and love sharing The Theorem Method with my friends and family. Not to mention my hair looks so healthy and shiny! If you know anyone who is looking for extra income - this is IT. As you know, I always love to share my latest obsession with all of you and nothing has garnered the response and excitement that Theorem has. The company just launched in October 2020 and has less than 1,000 hair specialists, it's truly a ground floor opportunity and with a wide open market. If you're curious about this, I would love to talk with you. Feel free to email me at or visit my website


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Tuesday, April 07, 2020

Work From Home Tips

Hello friends! Happy Tuesday, I hope you are all having a great week so far.  I know there are so many of us trying to adjust to our new normal which also means learning to work from home...with kids.   Even though I have worked from home at some capacity over the last 8 years, this is something that is continuously evolving for me.  I am excited to share with you a few things that have worked for me over the last several years.
  have certainly had my fair share of exciting victories along with some very ugly major fails trying to balance my family's needs with my business needs.  I hope that by sharing a few of my favorite tips will help you run a more successful at home business or get through that never ending corporate workload.  Balancing a busy family with a home based business is one of the biggest challenges I have ever had to take on, but with a lot of perseverance, planning and hard work, you too can achieve success and live a life you love.
  • Wake up before the kids.  I love getting up early in the morning, this is my ME time: it's quiet and my phone isn't chiming with endless alerts.  My house is cozy and I get so much done.  This is also my time to sit down and plan out my to do list for the day without interruption.
  • Get a good planner and use it.  In order to remember all of my business commitments, children's activities, school schedules and Jeff's work schedule, I needed a good planner to keep us organized.  Every Sunday I set aside an hour to go over my planner for the week, review what we have planned and schedule business activities around my family's schedule.  I also created a command center with a white board calendar system in our kitchen so we always had our family's schedule in front of us.  My husband loves to glance at our command center calendar every morning to see what we have going on as a family once he comes home from work.  It helps to keep us all organized and on schedule.
  • Keep an organized to do list.  Every morning I prioritize my to do list and write in my planner the top 5 things I would like to get done that day.  I focus on those 5 things throughout the day and if I end up checking them all off of my to do list, then it has been a productive day.  Anything else after that is considered gravy.  Don't try to take on the world and approach each day with a huge to do list.  You will be left feeling frustrated and disappointed.  Set reasonable expectations for yourself always putting the primary focus on your family.  Their needs come first.  If you don't end up finishing those 5 things, give yourself some grace and move them to the top of the to do list the next day.  One of the hardest things for me as a work from home Mom was that I always wanted to knock out everything on my to do list all in one day.  With the distractions of having 2 kiddos at home, it just wasn't possible.  By focusing on only 5 things, you will end the day feeling a sense of accomplishment and like you didn't ignore your family's needs in the process.
  • Create a functional work space.   One of my most favorite rooms in our home is my office.  I have completely made this space my own by painting the walls my favorite spa blue color and have everything organized to my liking.  I am truly the happiest and most productive working at my desk because I know it is the one thing in our home that is mine.  I also love to start my day off with a clean desk, be sure to keep your work space clean and decluttered.  Each morning I file away necessary paperwork and put items back in their proper place before tacking my to do list.  If you don't have a designated room in your house that functions as a home office, find a corner of your home that you can declare as your designated work space.  
  • Set business hours and stick to them.  One of the hardest things I have had to do when working from home was to know when to "clock out" and to finally end my work day.  I would work all day long if I allowed myself.  I am a natural people pleaser and would find myself answering work related questions at all hours of the night.  By setting specific business hours and communicating them, you have now set the expectation that you will not be responding to questions until the next business day.
  • Get dressed every day as if you were going into an office. As a former Corporate Accountant, I used to LOVE dressing up every day.  Ann Taylor and I were total BFF's.  My favorite quote as a career girl was "dress for the job you want, not the job you have".  Once I became a stay at home mom, I slowly turned into that yoga pants wearing Mom and barely ever got dressed or did my make up.  It just wasn't a priority and some things just had to be sacrificed in order to get everything done.  I slowly found that when I did make an extra effort in my appearance, I would also make an extra effort in my business.  I became more confident in what I was doing because I felt better about myself.  Now with Facebook Live and Instagram Stories playing such an important part in our work from home businesses, I make it an effort almost every day to do my hair and make up incase the opportunity presents itself to hop on Facebook Live or create a small video.
  • Designate a power evening one night a week.  I allow myself to stay up late (2-3 hours) one night a week to knock out a few items on my to do list that I can't seem to get done during the day.  I also save the tasks such as filming YouTube videos, writing newsletters or blog posts that require full concentration and without the constant interruptions from the kids.   I found that I would accomplish more in one power evening than it would take me in a week due to the constant daily interruptions from my family.  I would have to drink an extra cup of coffee the next day, however,  it was worth it knowing how much I had accomplished the night before.
  • Turn your home office into a Post Office. Back when my kiddos were little, I dreaded the task of taking them to the Post Office.  Standing in that long line and keeping my kids focused was like herding cats into a box.  My son would stand next to me for about two minutes and then run off while my daughter struck up a conversation with the woman five people in front of us.  I was literally out of breath and red with embarrassment by the time we got back into the car!  I then discovered an amazing gadget called a Postage Scale and never have to go to the Post Office again.  It's like having a Post Office right inside your home!  The mailman and I are now BFF's, he knows to expect a lot of packages from me.  And if you have too many to mail out, leave him a little note in your mailbox asking him to pick up the remaining packages from your front porch.  This has truly been a game changer for me.
Here is what you need to transform your Work At Home Office into a Post Office:

1. Dymo Postage Scale.
2. Avery Internet Shipping Labels.
3. Pay Pal Ship Now Account.
4. Scotch Bubble Mailers.
5. Catalog Envelopes

Using the Postage Scale is so easy!  Here is what you do:

1. Pull together your package to be mailed and weigh it using your Postage Scale.

2. Go to the PayPal link.  If it does not automatically bring you to the 'Ship Now' portal, you will have to key to get you there.

3. In the Address Information section, fill out your customers address and your email so you have a record of your shipment and purchase.  

4. In the Shipment Information section, there will be two drop downs you will need to select from.  I always choose First Class Mail Parcel 2-5 Days and Package/Thick Envelope.  You can certainly change these options depending on what you are shipping, however, this is what I use most of the time.

5. Fill out the weight of your package, the second boxes is the ounces which is what you will mostly use.

6. Click on Continue.  It will bring up a screen with your postage rate.  Then click on Print Label.  Another Pop-Up window will show asking you if you want to print a sample label.  I printed a sample label with my first couple of packages as I was getting used to the process and to see how my printer worked with this system.

7. Print your label!  I have to cut mine out of the Avery label sheet.  Peel and stick. 

8. Do a happy dance to your mailbox knowing that you do not have to drag the kids to the Post Office.

I can practically hear all of the Mama's rejoicing as they read this.  Have you discovered a work from home tip during this uncertain time that has changed your life?  Please share in the comments below, I can not wait to hear more amazing business tips!
    Have a great day!


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Friday, April 03, 2020

Friday Favorites

Hello friends and happy Friday!!  We have officially survived Week 3 of social distancing and we survived...barely.  LOL!  How are you all holding up?  I have been taking the last 3 weeks to unplug a bit and to process all the new information that is being sent to us on the daily. I am also getting used to our new "normal" which now consists of homeschooling my 2 greatest blessings. In spite of the scary circumstances surrounding us, I am starting to enjoy this quality time together and the opportunity to make new memories.  I am also settling into our new routine and excited to get back into blogging for the foreseeable future.  


For over a year now, I have been curious about The Faster Way to Fat Loss program.  If you are not sure what this is, check out Amanda Tress on Instagram,  she is the founder of the program and has been such a source of inspiration to me from both a business and fitness stand point.   This past week, I finally took the plunge and joined their 6 week program.  I am so excited to finally get back into a structured fitness and clean eating program, because let's be honest, being home with a pantry full of food is way too tempting most days and the scale is starting to show the damage that has been done.  Right now I am currently in the "prep" phase of the program, the official start date for me is April 13th. I CAN NOT WAIT!


I foresee this adorable Camo jacket from Old Navy on major repeat this Spring.  It's perfect for a cool evening walk around the neighborhood as we shelter in place.  It runs big so you will need to size up, I am wearing an XS here.  Old Navy has been having some amazing online sales lately due to the Quarantine, you should be able to snag a great deal on this adorable jacket.  There are plenty of sizes still available.


Homeschooling my two kiddos has been one of my favs this week.  I THINK we are finally getting the hang of a routine although some days are longer than others.  Their favorite class is gym, they love exercising together!  Shout out to all the Mama's out there trying to homeschool and work a job, working my business has pretty much come to a screeching halt.  So thankful for the flexibility to be able to work it on my own time.

The dog has certainly loved having the kids home!


This easy recipe has been a favorite!!  There are numerous uses for Shredded BBQ can use it in sandwiches or even throw some right on top of your salad.  Delicious and super healthy!!

I hope you are all having a great weekend and surviving the quarantine life!!


Thursday, February 06, 2020

Top 5 Amazon Fashion Finds | January 2020

Happy Thursday friends!!  February is already off to a fast start as we wrap up another week.  The kiddos seem to be constantly fighting something off, Nicholas missed hockey practice last night which he never does, and Jillian seems to have a lingering virus that I can't quite put my finger on what's wrong.  I am certainly ready for Spring and less germs!  Before January gets any further away from us, I wanted to share with you all a few Amazon finds I was loving in January.  I absolutely love Amazon for adding quality key pieces to my wardrobe and find myself using it more and more lately.  The one concern I hear often is how would one return something if it doesn't work out or if it did not fit the way you had hoped.  First of all, I rarely find myself returning anything I have purchased off of Amazon.  I typically shop based on recommendations from friends or trusted influencers and make sure I read up on the reviews when it comes to sizing/fit.  Usually based on the reviews I will size up or down or choose my typical size.  If you do happen to return something, the easiest way I have found is returning the item at your local Kohl's store.  Sounds crazy, right?  But it is the best!  Our local Kohl's has a separate kiosk solely dedicated to Amazon returns, you just bring your item and your phone into the store and the employee will do the rest for you.  I was truly blown away to just how easy it was!  It also reassured me that if I were to have an Amazon return in the future, it would be a seamless transaction and gave me even more buyer confidence.  

Let's get on with these adorable Amazon finds for January!

Now that we have a dog, leggings with pockets seem to be the best invention ever.  These leggings are perfect for a walk around the neighborhood when it's too warm for a jacket but you need somewhere to put your phone.  Carrying my phone and wrangling my dog at the same time wasn't going to work!  I found this to be a thing this past Spring when I no longer needed a jacket while walking Bella, but needed somewhere to put my phone.  Not going for a walk?  These leggings are perfect for everyday too, the pocket lays flat when not in use.  They are high waisted so they suck you in (what Mama doesn't love that?) and the color is Cuban Orchid which is the perfect pale pink.  I ordered these in a medium and they fit perfect, I typically take a small in the Old Navy leggings but sized up just incase these ran small.  So glad I did!  The black tunic is my favorite split neck tunic from Old Navy, I have them in every color that it came in.  I loved this top that much!  It's super soft and pairs perfectly with leggings.

These leggings are the ever so popular "Dragon Fit" and I had to give these a go too.  Different leggings then the pink ones, but same functionality as they also come with the side pocket. Very similar to the pink leggings from above, same price, same high waist and fit.  I also purchased these in a medium.  Just an overall high quality legging!  I also paired them with my favorite split neck tunic, this color is now sold out, however, it still comes in black and gray.

If you have been following me for sometime on social media, you know how much I love my Old Navy Luxe Tees.  Well, this t shirt line from Amazon is an amazing dupe!  Same soft fabric, same quality, same fit.  I just love it!  And I love that it gives me different colors and prints to choose from in addition to what I have from Old Navy.  Definitely a thumbs up in my book!  I ordered an XS since I layer these tops a lot under vests and jackets, however, for this particular outfit, it wasn't too tight.  The fabric is stretchy so that certainly helps!!  

I have been seeing this belt all over Instagram and had to purchase one for myself.  This high end inspired belt really completed this outfit and I absolutely love the non designer price! I am wearing an XS but should have gone with a small.  It literally just fits with a little sucking in, one more donut and I would have given it a run for it's money. LOL!

While pulling together this post, I found this amazing deal!!  A 3 piece circle belt set for only $23!  My mind was truly blown.  

Speaking of belts, this leopard print belt is ADORABLE!  It really takes this outfit from boring to wow!!  I absolutely love the pop it brings.  I can't wait to piece together outfits using it, such a great statement piece when you want to look put together.

My full review can be found on Youtube which was initially filmed from my Instagram Stories.  Check out these adorable looks in person!

Which item from Amazon was your favorite?  What have you purchased lately from Amazon? I would love to know!!  Drop your recommendation in the comments below.

Have a great Thursday!!


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