Wednesday, October 18, 2006

Lunch Break

I ran home on my lunch hour to get away from work. I am so lucky to live 15 minutes away from the office, I know I have pretty much gone from one computer to the next, but there is nothing like my home surroundings to de-stress from the daily grind. I can catch an hour of my soaps, TLC, and catch up on The Nest message boards. My works is so strict when it comes to monitoring your internet time, I have to catch up on all of my "nesting" and "blogging" at home.
OK, random side note, I am sitting at home, watching the Tyra show. She is literally yelling and screaming about giving her audience a bedazzled bottle of vaseline?!? Am I missing something? Just had to comment on that, so bizarre....
Anyway, I am happy to be home, even if it is only for an hour. It definetly helps make the day a little more bareable. Now if I can only think of something to make for dinner....


  1. Wow...good for you for getting a hour long lunch and at home! That must help break up the day and get your batteries recharged:)

  2. Hi Karen! Thanks for your comment on my blog :-)

    And I must say that you are a girl after my own heart too after that comment about Tyra. Last winter - Feb I think - I posted something or other like "I think she should be whacked about the head with a 2x4". (I think the post was titled something like "My Life Philosophy" or something like that if you want to see it...) I love ANTM, but her talk show is horrid!


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