Monday, October 30, 2006

The wallpaper is coming down!!!

I can't begin to tell you how long I have waiting to take down some wallpaper. We have three rooms that have nasty wallpaper so my options are endless. Yesterday, during the Browns game I decided to start with the master bedroom bathroom. We barely ever use this room because it is so small and also really cold. It has blue and pink granny wallpaper that is already starting to peel off. I mixed the three parts water, one part vinegar solution into a spray bottle and started spraying away. It did a pretty decent job considering I still need to buy one of those scoring tools to cut grooves into the wallpaper. Jeff deicded to help me after the game and my are about halfway through it.
During the whole wallpaper removal process, we noticed an airvent above the cabinet had all sorts of fuzz coming out of it. I stepped up onto the toilet to get a better look and sure enough, it was a nasty mouse nest on the other side of the vent!!!! Ugh! Who knows how long this airvent has been a home to these little critters. It used to a bathroom fan several years ago, but we haven't used it since Jeff moved in five years ago. So Jeff proceeded to unscrew the vent from the wall and remove the old fan and remnents of a mouse nest. We set a trap and screwed the vent back into the wall. It was so helarious, as we were laying in bed last night watching the news, sure enough, snap!!!! We both started rolling. Apparently we got our intruder. Jeff checked the trap when we got home from work and sure enough, we got our mouse. I have a feeling he has few other friends up in there so we set another trap. Yuck!

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