Monday, October 16, 2006

Weekend Recap

I came home from work today with great news waiting for us on our answering machine. Our sales rep from the development that we have picked to build in called to let us know that the phase that we wanted has been delayed even longer and do we want to buy one of thier current lots...Why is this great news? Because this has bought us more time now to save and fix up our current house. Not to mention the housing market is not the greatest right now and is pretty tough to try and sell at this time. I have been noticing real estate signs all over the place lately and no one seems to be selling. Our goal is to build spring of 2008 and it looks to be like we are on schedule. I was nervious that we were going to lose out on the lot we wanted but it appears the slow housing market is only helping our cause.
The scavenger hunt was a blast, I swear we are like little kids running arund the city trying to find the items on our list. I think the highlight of the hunt was that the boys team was able to pose with the whole Medina High School Marching Band in full uniform. One of the objects of the hunt is to take as many pictures as you can of willing people, needless to say, the boys won with over 150 band members posing for them. It was a great time, it is so nice that we are able to still get together and have a great time. Most of them now have little ones so it is so great to see them growing up into little versions of my friends.
I finally took a picture of my new Hallowwen/fall deocrations. You gotta love the Witch and Frankenstein. Have a great day!

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  1. I LOVE scavenger hunts! It sounds like you guys had so much fun. That's great news about your house, too. I hope it continues to go as you plan. And (((hugs))) about AF - I'll be crossing my fingers for you this next month that you see no AF and two pink lines.


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