Wednesday, November 15, 2006


I am off to Chicago for a girl's trip this weekend!!! My friend
  • Lynne

  • is getting married this February so we are having her shower out in Chicago where she currently lives. I am flying out Friday afternoon with a few friends. I am still struggling with what to pack. Chicago has always been a few trends ahead of Cleveland so I am sure my stand by's are just not up to par there. I have learned though in prior visits, when in doubt, just pack a lot of black and cute jeans! :) I may have to hit the mall before I leave just to see if I can find something cute.
    As excited as I am about my friend's shower, it is at the same time as the OSU game!!!!! It's at 2pm Chicago time, pretty much right at kickoff. I am hoping a TV will be nearby!!!

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    1. How cool, she's getting married on my birthday: A great day to wed. We got married on the 16th of Feb. It's a nice month to get married. Have fun in Chicago, and yes I hope you got to see some of the game!!


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