Monday, January 15, 2007

I think my weather pixie might drown...

Honestly, it has been raining here NON STOP for four days!!! I haven't seen this much water in our front yard ever since the flooding in July. Now all of a sudden, the temperature is supposed to drop twenty degrees over night and it's is all going to freeze and turn into snow. Lovely. Should make for an exciting ride to work tomorrow. Speaking of work, I know I am not supposed to let it stress me out, but I have to vent here for a brief moment. I seriously think I do the job of ten people. I honestly like the work I do, but I just have way too much of it. One of my roles is to assist the recruiter's with their reporting needs. I love working with recruiting data, however, it seems like the word is out that I am very helpful because I must receive ten calls a day from someone wanting a report on this hire and that hire. It's crazy! Not to mention I have a new girl who started to work for me on Monday that I have to train. I have been doing a lot of thinking on how I can make my life easier and my solution is that I am going to just give my new girl a lot of authority so I do not have to worry about the little things and have her take care of them. I need to stop trying to be such a control freak and just let her handle it. For now, I have to train her so she will know exactly what I would like for her to do. I really think this new approach will help. Something has to!!!!

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