Wednesday, November 07, 2007

Packing up to move in with the in-laws

This is our last week in our friend Andy's rental house. His closing date is November 15th, 2 months after our closing date, and we need to be out by this weekend.

Our house is coming along and looks so differently already than my pictures. They are almost done with the siding and have put up the two white columns connecting the front porch and the overhang. Visiting the house has become more difficult for two reasons. One, it is now dark when we get our of work in the evening and our house does not have electricity yet. It's completely wired but they have not turned on the juice. The second reason is that it is officially locked up. They installed the garage door and all of the exterior doors and added locks. We now have to call ahead and have the sales staff unlock the doors for us before they leave at 5pm. We went to the house last night afterwork and looked pretty helarious. We were walking through the house with flashlights because we couldn't see anything! We probably looked like two burgulars looking for a safe!
So yesterday we had our second IUI. The post wash numbers were definetly better than the first so I am praying to god this is it. I will try to keep everyone posted on things go. Take care.

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  1. Your house is going to be beautiful when it's finished! I hope your IUI went well.


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