Saturday, December 29, 2007

We are finally in!

I am so excited to be sitting here at our new home blogging away. We were able to get the keys on Friday, December 21st which was a little sooner than expected. What a fun and exciting day that was. First, I still had to work. My boss had scheduled our holiday lunch at Maggiano's in Beachwood and felt rude asking for the day off. Jeff fortunately was able to take off and packed up all of our belongings at his parents house while I was at work. I was able to leave after our lunch and headed over our house. Now we wait for the phone call from the builder saying that the title transferred and the home was ours. We finally got that call around 3pm and have been the proud happy owners ever since. After that we had a flurry of visitors. Greg, our friend and realtor who helped sell our old home stopped by with a huge gift basket. Mariana, who was our sales rep, then stopped by with a gift basket.
Even though the movers were not officially coming until the next day, Jeff and I decided to spend the night in front of our gas fireplace on the blow up mattress. We got absolutely zero sleep that night. There were so many strange noises and just staying in a new, empty house was enough to keep us up all night. We had a lot of fun just finally being there after all this time!!!
Moving Day was great, friends and family stopped over all hours of the day to congratulate us. After moving three times already in three months, we decided to give everyone a break and hired movers. It was the best decision we made.
You should be hearing from me a lot more now that we are finally more settled. I am still going through boxes, rearranging cupboards, and trying to put a little organization and normalcy back into our life. I will post pictures hopefully soon with how it all turned out. For now, I am loving it and couldn't be happier. I am one lucky girl.

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  1. YAY!! How wonderfully exciting Karen:) I'm so thrilled for you. I'm sure you guys are tickled pink to finally be in and getting settled! Have fun making it all pretty;) Can't wait to see some pictures!


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