Wednesday, January 31, 2007

Spring Trends...Wrap print dresses

With all of the snow we have been having these past few days (15 inches), I have been starting to dream about the spring fashions already. Lynne's wedding is in three weeks and I am already thinking about what I want to wear. I love these new wrap print dresses, I have seen them both at the Limited and at Macy's (INC brand). I think they are just adorable and should be appropriate for a late winter wedding, especially with the long sleeves.

No updates on the TTC front. I had a very late smiley face this cycle (Day 19) so I do not expect AF until at least day 30-32. My cycle is out of whack again due to my D&C. I have been reading the Miscarriage boards on The Nest lately and met a girl who also had a D&C on December 12th . She is still yet to receive her first AF, I really feel for her. My first AF was the first step of closure for me, I couldn't imagine still waiting. My heart goes out to her.

Monday, January 29, 2007

A lot to discuss

So our weekend was pretty good besides a few new house issues, but then again, what else is new with us? It's starting to become pretty comical and all Jeff and I can do is laugh and shake our heads. I guess we are just so desensitized by all of our issues lately, that it just wouldn't feel like home if we didn't have them all of the time!!! So this time around was actually a good news/bad news situation. Remember the mystery smell coming from the linen closet? We finally found out what it was!! a very gross kind of way. So, 1am on Saturday night, Jeff is getting ready for bed and the toilet clogs. All of a sudden, raw sewage (ew, I know, don't read anymore if you have weak stomach!!) comes up the bathtub. A good six inches!! Jeff opens the door to the linen closet where the bathroom pipes are. The panel that screws to the back of the closet is already off since we have been trying to fix the "mystery smell". He then shouts, "I think I know what our problem is!!!". One of the pipes is slowly leaking the raw sewage as well right into the back of our closet, under the bathrub. Totally ew!!! So, incase you weren't grossed out enough already. Jeff turned off the toilet so it wouldn't over flow while we went to bed. Or so he thought, the toilet must have over flowed in the middle of the night, because while walking out of our bedroom the next morning, the carpet starts sloshing underneath your feet. Thank god it was clear water!! But, nevertheless, gross again. So not only did we spend our Sunday cleaning up the gross bathtub, we had to put down at least 20 towels to clean up the flood, run two fans, and a dehumidifier all day. As gross as this storey is, I am so glad we have discovered the "mystery smell". I was going nuts, unable to use my linen closet, we had no idea how to fix it and I didn't want to keep that from selling our house. A plumber is coming out on Wednesday to hopefully fix the problem so we can finally check this issue one off of our list!!!!
So, I have also been starting to go a little nuts today about the looming idea that AF may or may not be coming in a few days. If she comes, I will be disappointed and bummed that we were not successful this month. If she doesn't, and we are blessed by God again, I will be so thrilled, and then I will probably go into freak out mode. It's been on my mind all day, analyzing every little sign. I hate over analyzing everything but now that I was pregnant for over a month, I think I recognize these signs a little easier. I guess we will see what happens...

Tuesday, January 23, 2007

Baby Proofing Your Marriage

This looks like a must read, especially for me who is hoping to have a famiy here very soon. These women were on the Today Show this morning, I am sorry I missed it!!!

Sunday, January 21, 2007

Weekend, etc.

We had a great weekend! On Saturday, I had several of my college friends over for a get-together. We usually rotate our houses every month or so. This month was mine so I was working my little tail off trying to get our house ready for our guests. Most of my friends have one and two year old's so they were running all over our house. It was pretty entertaining and I definitely got a good look to what I would need to baby proof in our house if we were planning on staying here. Luckily we are not!!! Even though we had a busy weekend with guests, Jeff still was able to finish the second coat on the master bedroom bathroom. It's really coming along. We now only need to install a bathroom cabinet and the baseboards. I really like this cabinet from Target, however, the internet ratings on the website were not all that great. I checked other places like Lowes, Wal-Mart, Home Depot, etc, and this one was by far the cutest and the best price. To get or not to get? I would love your feedback so let me know!!! Have a great week!!

Monday, January 15, 2007

I think my weather pixie might drown...

Honestly, it has been raining here NON STOP for four days!!! I haven't seen this much water in our front yard ever since the flooding in July. Now all of a sudden, the temperature is supposed to drop twenty degrees over night and it's is all going to freeze and turn into snow. Lovely. Should make for an exciting ride to work tomorrow. Speaking of work, I know I am not supposed to let it stress me out, but I have to vent here for a brief moment. I seriously think I do the job of ten people. I honestly like the work I do, but I just have way too much of it. One of my roles is to assist the recruiter's with their reporting needs. I love working with recruiting data, however, it seems like the word is out that I am very helpful because I must receive ten calls a day from someone wanting a report on this hire and that hire. It's crazy! Not to mention I have a new girl who started to work for me on Monday that I have to train. I have been doing a lot of thinking on how I can make my life easier and my solution is that I am going to just give my new girl a lot of authority so I do not have to worry about the little things and have her take care of them. I need to stop trying to be such a control freak and just let her handle it. For now, I have to train her so she will know exactly what I would like for her to do. I really think this new approach will help. Something has to!!!!

Sunday, January 14, 2007

Went to three open houses today!

Today kicked off our official house hunt. We went to three open houses but nothing completely thrilled us. All three homes were nice for the most part, but none of them felt "right". The one house I really loved from the internet didn't impress me as much in person. The basement also smelled a little musty/mildew and when I questioned the agent, she was like, all basements smell like that. I was like, un, ok! So our search continues....
The one thing that was a little disturbing to me about our search today was that two of three homes were on the market because of divorce. Both families had three children around the age of ten. I now divorce is common, but you still hate to hear about it.
We are also making headway with the bathroom projects. Jeff sanded and primed the master bedroom bathroom this weekend and we also bought our paint at Home Depot. I am partial to Behr paint. We are going with a spa blue color for the master bedroom bathroom and a taupe for the main bathroom. Both are going to look so much better, I can't wait!!! I have to now by the accessories, towels, and cabinets.

Friday, January 12, 2007

It's been one month today

since I have had my D&C. I am finally ready to talk about what has happened. I just realized a few minutes ago that it has been a month today, and that for me means that I am finally starting to get over what has happened and I am finally not focusing on the negative so much and starting to become more positive and excited about our future. I decided to put a ticket at the top of the blog as a positive symbol of what is in store for us and hopefully that ticket will turn into a due date ticker. Our miscarriage was so hard, I can not even begin to put it into words. It seems strange really since I was only pregnant for eight weeks, however, it was eight weeks full of fun and excitement us. Jeff and I really enjoyed being pregnant and I am really hoping we are pregnant here again soon. I would love to have a baby in 2007, but we only have a few months for that to even happen. Most definitely we would love a healthy baby and hopefully God will bless us with one. The hardest thing for us was the holidays. We had planned on surprising our family on Christmas Day by giving them a gift of our first ultra sound picture. It was just torture knowing how everything could have been so fun and exciting and here I was mourning over the loss of a little baby that I will never know. We did end up telling our families what happened and of course they felt very badly for us but are hopeful that things will turn around soon. Hopefully this is the end of a very rough road and a bright future from here on out.

Thursday, January 11, 2007

Still putting away the Christmas decor

I honestly don't think I will ever be done. I have been doing this the past few nights after work and I just don't feel like I have made any progress. I am trying so hard to keep up with the "staying organized" resolution and so far not so good. I did find a couple of fun things at Target as an attempt to try to spruce up the house, like my cute new rug. It matches my green curtains which I love. The latest and greatest on the house saga is that we had the mold looked at on our fireplace and the chimney itself. So, as our luck would have it, we need to pay $5K to tear it down. Yikes! We are going to get a realtor when we sell this house and ask them if it is worth it to tear down or just take it out of our listing price. Hopefully they just want us to patch it and that is the end of it. The market is picking up so we are going to look at a few houses this weekend.
Work has been crazy, I have a new girl working for me, who I have been training all week. I really like her and think she will fit well in our group. Training her takes away from my own work so I don't think I am doing well with the do not stress at work resolution either!!! Oh well, there is always next week!!! On Saturday, Jeff and I have his department holiday part at Sammy's in Legacy Village. I am really looking forward to it, I have never been to Sammy's, downtown or Legacy Village. I hear the food is fabulous and it will give me a fun reason to dress up. I love going to department parties when it's not my own!!! :)

Sunday, January 07, 2007

My New Year's Resolution

Happy New Year!!! I have so much to be thankful for and want to start this new year out right. My New Year's wishes are for a new house and hopefully a baby that sticks!!!! My New Year's Resolutions are:

1. Stay in shape and stick to my good habits! I made a lot of lifestyle changes once I turned 27 and realized I couldn't eat what I wanted to anymore! I lost 12 pounds on the South Beach diet and with the help of my favorite aerobics instructor Heidi and my company's gym. Five years later, I have been able to keep it off.

2. Get up early. I am so much more productive and confident when I don't start my day off running around and getting to work at a later time than I would have liked. My goal is to start my day at my desk by 8am. It will be tough since I usually get there at 8:30, but it's a goal and I am sticking to it!

3. Don't let work stress me out. My job has been pretty stressful lately, I have a ton of work to do in not a lot of time so it is a constant source of stress for me. My boss is not the easiest person to work for so that definitely does not help. I enjoy my co-workers for the most part, but miss the days of when I had really close work relationships like Lisa, Beth, and Christie. I love the company I work along with having a gym in our building. My sister and husband also work for the same company as I do so that is such a blessing. I am so lucky to be able to go to aerobics classes with my sister on our lunch breaks.

4. Stay organized. I try so hard to stay organized and I absolutely hate clutter, but the craziness of every day life tries to get in the way. We don't have a basement in this house to that is a real challenge with organization and storage. Oh, I pray, only a few more months in this house!

5. Try to stay financially focused. We have all of our credit cards paid off and I need to keep things that way. I have a major weakness when it comes to Ann Taylor and Target so I need to try to keep my purchases within reason. I have to keep reminding myself to save for our new home.