Wednesday, October 31, 2007

House pics!

I finally am able to post a few recent pictures of our new home. They are currently siding the house this week and finishing up the drywall. Hopefully I will have a few more soon, I can't wait to see it with the siding up!

Saturday, October 27, 2007

The life of a Vagabond

So I find myself at the Library again on a drizzly Saturday afternoon. I can not stand living without a computer. Any blog entry I make will be from a library pc since I refuse to post at work. Just too risky. I am going to be so happy to actually have everything under one roof again.
I am just coming from a visit to the house. It officially has drywall and will be starting the sanding and "dry wall goop" as I call it on Monday. They also started the vinyl siding which looks really great. I love the color we picked out, it's called Sand and is more or less a light taupe color. I am a step closer to actually posting a picture of what it now looks like. I spent an house at CVS developing our pictures and making a picture CD. I plan on bringing it to work on Monday to download my pics to shutterfly.
Well, IUI#1 was a big bust, we are hoping to try again possibly this month, however, will be moving from our temporary housing into the inlaws in just a few weeks until our house is built. Like that isn't going to add some stress!!!!!
Have a great weekend!!!!

Thursday, October 18, 2007

A Quick Update

Hello! I looked at the date on my last post and can not believe that it has been over a month. Things have been so busy for us recently with the construction of our new home. We settled into our rental house the weekend of September 15th. Our friend Andy was so gracious to allow us to rent his house that has been vacant and also for sale. Wouldn't you know it, after two weeks of living there, his house finally sold too! It must have been all of our cute furniture in it!!! :) Anyway, we now have to move again, that is right, with Jeff's parents. We move into their home November 17th and hope to move into our new home December 27th. We are hoping to plan a few weekend getaways during that time to at least have some alone time.
I wish I could post a picture of our home is coming along. Our home is more beautiful than I ever imagined. I am so thankful every day that we are able to do this and thank god for giving us this opportunity. We currently have a roof, and as we speak, they are putting up the stone in the front of the house. They have finished the plumbing and have been wiring the house for electricity all week. We have this amazing group of Amish men that are building our home. We finally had a chance to talk with them yesterday, they are a special group of people. They have an amazing work ethic and take such pride in everything they do. I was also shocked to learn that they also carry cell phones!!! For work purposes only they explained.
As far as the TTC issue goes, we had our first IUI last week. Our numbers looked good according to my doctor so I guess anything can happen at this point. Our chances are technically greater than if tried it the old fashion way so I guess that is something, right?
I will try to post pictures soon, it's been so hard living without a computer this past month, I am able to view the internet at work, but posting is out of the question. At least my in-laws have a computer, hopefully I will be able to post a Little more once we are living with them. I hope everyone has a wonderful and happy Halloween, and of course, go tribe!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!