Sunday, January 27, 2008

The JCP desk is here!

I am so excited that our den is finally starting to look like an actual office, not a computer on a card table. We decided to throw away Jeff's wal-mart special desk from college and opt for a more adult looking desk in our new home. We threw his old desk away, one less thing for us to move. I received a fantastic deal on the desk through my nestie friend's, one of them always seems to have an on-line coupon so we were able to get free shipping on this desk if we had it shipped to our local JCPenney store. We went to JCPenney afterwork on Friday to pick up the desk and it was huge!!!! The boxes were A LOT bigger than we had anticipated so we had to leave without our desk. Jeff called his friend Blair who was nice enough to lend us his pick up truck. The desk is finally here and it looks great. We plan on putting the harddrive into the CPU cabinet which is the left half of the desk as soon as we unconnect everything. The desk is actually the corner piece of the full desk below, once we got it home, we realized that buying the full desk would help us to hide Jeff's components that are also in the Den. I have been searching for a cabinet to put those in and Jeff came up with a great idea to just buy the whole desk and hide the components in the other half of the desk. It's hard to describe but I will take pictures once it's all said and done. For now, we have the corner desk and it looks fantastic. I also happened to find today a few Pottery Barn knock off organizers that matches the desk perfectly at TJMaxx. They were such a great find.

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  1. I love the desk - it looks great!! (CeeCee23)


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