Sunday, January 13, 2008

My Weekend, the Babytour

Erika and I drove down to Medina to see Liberty's new baby boy. Nolan was just an adorable little baby. Everything about him was just perfect. Erika's little girl, Leia, was just precious with him too. It was so fun watching her interact with baby. The look on her face as she held him was just priceless. Liberty had a fantastic birthing suite. Her room was equipped with a lounge chair, plush sofa, and a flat screen plasma TV mounted to the wall. Too bad we do not live closer to Medina, it looked like a wonderful place to stay after giving birth. Our friend's Sandy and Chris came later in the evening, Sandy is also expecting and is having another little girl next month.
I headed out early Saturday morning for Pittsburgh. My best friend Lisa's baby shower was that day and I wanted to be sure I was there early to help her out. Lisa was one of my bridesmaids and was a huge help for me at my bridal shower. I returned the favor by helping out with gift duty and taking her opened gifts over to the gift table. Lisa looked amazing, I am so happy for her and Mike. She kept preparing me for "how awful she looked" and it was actually quite the opposite. (As suspected!!!) I told her from here on out I officially do not believe her. Lisa was so sweet, she kept asking me if I was OK and how I was doing throughout the shower. I honestly didn't know how I would be but everything turned out great. I have to admit a few of the adorable baby clothes she had received brought me close to tears but I managed. I was just glad that I could be there for her and share in her experience. After I left the shower, I was VERY tempted to head up to IKEA to check out their home decor items but I shook the urge and headed home. I will just have to convince Jeff to head up ther another weekend for an IKEA shopping trip, perhaps when Lisa gives birth we can go....
My Babytour weekend was officially kicked off by the arrival of AF on Friday afternoon. Her arrival occurred promptly right after my favorite aerobics class on Friday and really couln't have happened at a worse time. A cruel joke? Yes, it definetly was, but I sadly put it behind me and kept my chin up for the weekend's events.

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  1. Karen - You're a great friend to your friends. You have a beautiful heart, and I think you continue to prove how strong you are by spending quality time with the ones you love, even when there is a twinge of sadness.

    I don't know your friends, but I can only assume that they are amazing, loving and looking forward to the celebration of your future pregnancy news.

    Continue your positive attitude...


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