Saturday, February 02, 2008

My Master Bedroom Inspiration

I love everything about this master bedroom picture. I have been wanting to decorate our bedroom exactly like this ever since we started building our home. My awesome sister found the mirror for me at Target. For whatever reason, the westside Targets seemed to be the only Targets in Cleveland that carried the round mirror. I went to four different east side Targets with no luck!!!! So mirror down, everything else to go!!!

Thank you to all of those who voted for our bar stools!!! We actually went to Crate and Barrel today to check the black stool's out. We decided to pass on them for now. They only had one in stock and we didn't feel like ordering the set until we were 100% sure we wanted them. We did end up purchasing the set below from Target. The wood is actually darker than how it looks in the picture. The wood is a cappucino brown. I love the stool by itself, however, I am not decided if it looks good in our cherry kitchen. I am still on the fence about keeping them but I think they will do for now. I do love the dark wood and the microfiber cushion. We happen to come across these in another area of the store. They are a part of a table and chair set away from the rest of the barstools. I will have to take a picture with them in our kitchen.

We ended up taking back the second desk and just keeping the corner desk. Both desks in our office just looked way too cluttered and you know me, I hate clutter!!! Returning the desk to the store was actually quite interesting. We didn't want to bother Blair again for his truck so we put the top down on my convertible, put the boxes in my back seat, and then put the top up. It JUST fit.

We ended up meeting one of our new neighbors today who just bought a lot on our cul-de-sac. They were so nice and so friendly. It is so wonderful having actual neighbors who are normal and like to chat and get to know you. They seemed like a nice family so we are looking forward to getting to know them. They break ground in March and should be in around July.

Have a great weekend! Enjoy the Superbowl!!

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