Thursday, February 14, 2008

Viva Las Vegas!

After all the snow this week we decided we are in desperate need of a vacation. We are headed back to Vegas and I can not wait!!!! Between my in-laws condo in Myrtle Beach and Las Vegas there is just no other place we would rather be. We booked a three night stay at the Paris. The location is wonderful and the hotel is simply beautiful. We stayed at the Paris a few years ago and are very excited to go back. We are also planning on seeing Barry Manilow which should be a great time. I am looking so forward to this trip, it just can't seem to come soon enough!!!
My wonderful new friend Susie asked the other day about the bar stool situation so I apologize for leaving you all hanging!!!! The dilema is still ongoing and I do not feel we are any closer to making a decision. The iron stool from Target is still sitting at the kitchen island. We returned the dark brown wood stools for now and kept the iron stool since that seems to be the front runner for now. It's actually pretty comical, we are so afraid to touch it because that would mean we were using it, and the decision would then be final. So it is just sitting there collecting dust. We did end up purchasing two black iron bar stool from Bed Bath & Beyond this past weekend. Poor Jeff, he had one all put together and placed it next to the Target stool and you could just tell immediatly it wasn't going to work. It was just too small for the space. Jeff has officially sworm off putting together anymore stools and when I do end up making a decision, it better be a pre-assembled one!!! I plan on checking out actual furniture stores this weekend like Arhaus and Levin to see what kind of selection they carry. Hopefully the decision will be made after this weekend. If we are having this much trouble deciding on bar stools, god help us when we decorate the rest of the house!!!!
Please say a prayer for my mom, she is undergoing back surgery tomorrow and I am so worried about her. Hopefully she will recover quickly and will no longer have to endure the pain that she has been in.

Us in Vegas a few months before our wedding!

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