Wednesday, June 11, 2008

The find of the year!

I have been lusting after the Pottery Barn mirror ever since we moved into this house. I could not justify spending $700 for it so I hear from the Nesties on the D&R board that Homegoods carried a great knock off. They weren't kidding! I decided to head up there on my lunch break and went straight to the back where the pictures are kept. I couldnt' believe it, it was there and it was huge!!!!! I could barely lift the thing myself, there was no way thing was getting into my car without some serious help. So I did what any other creative shopper would do, I hid it! I found a bunch of other tall mirrors and leaned them all against the coveted mirror. I prayed no one would find it and begrudgingly went back to work. After work, Jeff and I headed to his brother's to pick up a king bed frame and I asked him if he would mind stopping off at Homegoods on our way home. As soon as we arrived at the store, I ran back to the picture section and there was my mirror, still covered up! Praise God! Trying to get the thing into the car was a whole other story. Of course we already had the king bed frame in there so we did some serious rearranging for at least 20 minutes. I was about to abort the mission when we finally wedged it in there and slammed the door. Success!!! I can't wait to hang this thing up, it's the perfect piece for our great room. We have tall ceilings so I want to hang it vertically to accent the height. Pictures to come!

Here is what it looks like from the Pottery Barn catalog:

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