Tuesday, June 24, 2008

House Update

I finally had a chance today to take a few pictures of the changes I have made around the house. The changes are not monumental by any means, I am still trying to decide whether or not I want red or cappuccino as an accent color in the great room/kitchen, but nonetheless, they are changes.
First, the awesome PB knockoff mirror is up and looks fabulous!!! It will look even better with new lamps in the space and not the weird 1970's lamps from Jeff's parents that we still can not seem to escape from. How they even made it to this new house without "breaking" during the move is shocking enough.

Second, we have a new bed. My parents were very generous to give us their new king bed. It's extremely comfortable and we have always wanted a new King bed. We have been sleeping on a full since we have been married and much as we love to cuddle, it was very close sleeping quarters. My only issue with this bed is that it is enormous, even for our new bedroom. I am having issues with the size, I can't decide if it is just too big for the bedroom. We are most likely going to make it work and right now it looks ridiculous with our old full comforter on it. I am sure with a new bedroom set (I am praying for that soon) and a new king comforter, it will really look nice in our room.

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  1. Congrats on the new bed! No worries--you'll adjust to that size before you know it. And you'll even begin to wonder how you ever lived w/o a king. That's how we were, anyway. And love the new LR mirror--very nice!


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