Monday, July 28, 2008

Fun and Crazy Weekend!

Watching the Amish build our neighbors home on Friday afternoon was only the start to my great weekend! On Saturday, we had my sister's surprise 30th birthday party!!!! Happy Birthday Debbie!!!! (although it's not officially until the middle of August) Her husband though this would be a good way to surprise her. Boy was she surprised!!! I was glad a lot of her friends came from all over to celebrate with her.

On Sunday, we went boating with our friends Brett and Andrea. It was quite the eventful boat ride to say the least. Although it was a picture perfect day, Lake Erie was so horribly choppy. The wind must have been blowing in just the right direction because I have never seen such high waves on their boat. Luckily for us, we were headed to Fairport Harbor beach to swim which is in a channel protected by the waves. The boat ride to and from the beach was extremely choppy and I surprised I didn't lose my lunch in the process!!!!

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