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Monday, August 04, 2008

In true Karen fashion these days, I was still not satisfied with my great room lamp choice. I liked it but had that feeling you get when you know that there is just something better out there. But what? Enters in the crystal ball JCPenney lamps that I have been admiring! These lamps are truely beautiful and just what I have been looking for. Once I had them displayed on the other end table across from the silver ball lamp, we had an obvious winner. These lamps just have more "substance" than the silver ball lamps. Don't get me wrong, they are a close second, but I really like the look of the JCPenney lamps. Now if I can only make a decision on the curtains.

In other home decor news, our wash machine finally died. It has been dying a slow death ever since we put our old home on the market last year. The wash machine would literally sound like a space ship taking off. We debated on bringing the set with us to the new house. We couldn't sell it with the old house because they would have been asking for their money back pretty quick after the first spin. Surprisingly they lasted us for another year and then a few weeks ago started spewing oil all over the back of the laundry room wall. Not a good sign and I was not too happy since it was all over my brand new walls. I told Jeff the wash machine was "bleeding" and it's time has come. To make matter worse, the oil began to leak into our clothes. So that was the end of the washer and dryer. Not only did the death of the wash machine signal a new set was needed ASAP, it also meant it was time to paint the laundry room! Woohoo! I had originally planned on painting the room before installing the new units, however, we bought the new ones on Saturday to be delivered on Sunday. Not a heck of a lot of time to paint. We were up until 2:30 Saturday night covered in Provence by Behr. Our new neighbors even stopped by around 11pm to laugh at us. We shared a bottle of wine with them and then trudged on. The color looks awesome and I promise to post pics of my two new loves and the freshly painted laundry room.


  1. Love the lamp - great choice! I'm actually eyeing the same one for our guest bedroom!

  2. Beautiful lamp! And looking forward to seeing pics of your newly painted laundry room!

  3. Hey Karen-Just stopping over here to see how things were going in your world. I do love the lamp. As always, I'm impressed with your sense of style. :-)

  4. love that lamp! I bought the knock-off target one for our living room.

  5. Absolutely gorgeous lamp!! So glam.


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