Monday, October 13, 2008

Thank you my readers!

I have never really posted anything to acknowledge my readers and I really wanted to take the time to personally thank each of you for all of your encouraging words regarding our IF journey and all of your great home decor ideas. When I first started writing this blog two years ago, I really wasn't sure where it would go. It has really become a fun part of my life and I love looking back to see how far we have come. I love using it to document my home decor ideas and also sharing in my IF journey. I hope that it will inspire or comfort someone else going through the same thing. I get giddy when I see a new comment so I especially want to thank all of you who leave them. In the beginning, my readers mostly consisted of my sister and my dearest blogging friend Randi who I met when I stumbled upon her blog. My readers now are a lot of dear nesties and others who read their blogs. So thanks to all of you, you are very much appreciated more than you know!


  1. You have a gorgeous house! Beautiful inside and out.
    I hope your TTC journey will bring some happy news soon =) Keep us posted.

    (Thanks so much for dropping by my little ol' blog!)

  2. Oh and I LUH-ove your floors. It's all about the Brazilian Cherry wood floors!

  3. Aww appreciation goes such a long way! :)

  4. I am so thankful that I have met you and can follow along with your life via the blog. You are such a sweet person and I have always and will always wish you the best! Thanks for always stopping in to my blog too and leaving such lovely comments:)


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