Wednesday, November 19, 2008

Wow! My First Blog Award!

Jennifer over at This Girl Loves Pink! has chose me for a Kreativ Blogger award. I am so touched, thanks so much! She and I just started to follow each other's blog and I am loving it so far.

The way this works is I post about 6 things I'm thankful for and then post my 6 picks for the Kreativ Blogger Award. Drumroll please...

1. My husband and best friend Jeff, we have been only married for three years but have been together for eight! I can't imagine my life without him. He has been my rock as we deal with infertility together. He is going to make an amazing Daddy one day!

2. My sister, she is also my best friend! I can have two, right? I think we talk ten times a day and I can't imagine ever going one day without talking. She is expecting her first baby in April and I am so excited be an Aunt again!!!!

3. My Parents, they have always been selfless and loving in everything they do. I am very lucky to have grown up with such a great family.

4. My House, building our dream home was such a fun and exciting experience. I am having so much fun decorating it! The neighbors are so friendly and our backyard is filled with so much wildlife. We are staying here forever.

5. My Job, this is a tricky one. It has it's moments but in this economy I am so thankful to be gainfully employed.

6. Summer, I miss it already. I am not a winter person and I am already counting down the days until it's over 70 degrees again. I will be counting awhile....

6 Of My Fellow Bloggers Who I'm Passing The Torch Too....

1. Randi over at My Moments as Told by Me. She is my first official blogging friend. She is a total sweetheart and possibly the cutest pregnant girl ever.

2.Susie over at The Shafer's are a Family. Susie and I met on The Nest but coincidentally enough worked for the same company and both met our husbands there! Susie and I have both know the evils of miscarriage and have an important date in common.

3.Jill over at Desperately Seeking Spawn. Jill is currently about to go through a Frozen Egg Transfer cycle at Denver's CCRM. This is the country's premier place for infertility and I know they are going to help her become a mommy this Thanksgiving.

4.Melissa at Melissa's Heart and Home. Lucky for me, Melissa found my blog and I haven't been able to stop drooling over her beatiful brick home. I can't wait to see what decor ideas she comes up with next!

5.Katie at The Hyper Homemaker. I loved her cleaning challenge, my kitchen never looked better or more organized. Her decorating and organizing tips are so easy and fun!

6.The famous "D" over at All Things G&D. I love this girls sense of style, hence, the whole reason I bought my fabulous West Elm grommet drapes. Her whole house is an inspriation!


  1. Oh Karen I am truly honored by this! You are so sweet. Thank you so much for thinking of me! I will post it very soon. :)
    I read some of your previous posts and I want you to know I feel for you and your husband. I know a little about it first hand.
    My sister Michele and her husband went through IVF for four years before becoming parents last November to healthy baby Noah. Miracles do happen. She still can't believe it finally worked. I will pray for you both. I know it will all work out.
    I'm looking forward to your tree even if it's from your last home. I'm sure it's beautiful.
    Warmly, Melissa :)

  2. Oops! I forgot to say Congrats on the award. You deserve it! :)

  3. Anonymous7:30 AM

    Thank you SOO much Karen! That is so flattering that you would nominate me! :) I put a perma link to your blog in my sidebar. And I love it b/c now I'll visit your great blog TWICE as often! Keep up the fabulous posts!

  4. Anonymous10:58 AM

    WOW Karen! I'm so honored:) Thank you so much! As you two are a very sweet and genuine person. I'm so glad we have met!

    Also congrats to you as well for this award!!

  5. Awww...thanks so much for the honor! I'm flattered! And I hope you're loving your new drapes!! =)


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