Wednesday, January 30, 2008

Which barstool would you choose?

I am having a tough time finding bar stools for our kitchen island. I found two completely different options. Jeff likes the wrought iron stool from target because it swivels and I like the modern style of the black Crate & Barrel stool. The stool would be without the cushion. Which one would you choose for our kitchen???

Monday, January 28, 2008

Low carbin' it this week, at least for now.

So I decided to start the week off on the right foot. Work has been absolutely brutal, not only has it been brutal, I worked unit 2am last Wednesday night on a ridiculous project but it had to be done anyway. I love my job, I really do, but somedays I truly wonder if all this stress is worth it. I have worked for several big companies in my career and have worked through several year ends as an accountant but nothing has seemed as bad as my current job is. I just can't seem to catch a break. I have been thinking about looking for a new opportunity within my company but there have been so many lay-offs and hiring freezes these days, it just seems like there is nothing out there that I would enjoy.
Anyway, I actually had a low carb, if not, no carb day. My breakfast consisted of a veggie omlet with cheese and a diet Dr. pepper. Lunch consisted of turkey and cheese sandwich without the bread, string cheese, and no sugar jello. I had pistachios for a snack and no-fat re fried beans with cheese and taco sauce for dinner. I also worked out today after work with Jeff so it was actually a good day healthwise.
I had a bit of a meltdown this morning with our whole babyless situation. I have been doing a lot research on the fertility drug clomid. It is the next step for us per our fertilty doctor if we do not get pregnant by next cycle. The whole thing sounds pretty awful and scary. I have also contacted a few friends who I know took it and their opinions were all pretty much the same. Mood swings, gaining weight, cysts, just awful reactions to it. So after a lot of tears and conversations with Jeff, I am calling it quits. I honestly can not try month after month. These past few cycles have been a little more bare able for me since we stoppped the IUI's, the OPK's and the temping, however, the emotional roller coaster is still there. I may not know what day I am but the sadness is still within me, it's something I can't seem to shake. It is really starting to affect our lives, our happiness, and even our sex life. So, after this cycle, I am not even going to count what day I am on, I am not going to do the every other day thing, no more legs in the air afterwards, nothing. We are just going to go back to being us, go back to planning vacations, go back to enjoying our life and especially no more doctors appointments. If we get pregnant sometime between now and let's say the next 6 years which is when I will turn 40, then great, it will be a miracle, but until then I am not dealing with evil drugs, fertility doctors, timed sex, or counting the days on my cycle. I just can't do it anymore. It's emotionally draining and I can't deal with it anymore. Infertility sucks and it won.

Sunday, January 27, 2008

The JCP desk is here!

I am so excited that our den is finally starting to look like an actual office, not a computer on a card table. We decided to throw away Jeff's wal-mart special desk from college and opt for a more adult looking desk in our new home. We threw his old desk away, one less thing for us to move. I received a fantastic deal on the desk through my nestie friend's, one of them always seems to have an on-line coupon so we were able to get free shipping on this desk if we had it shipped to our local JCPenney store. We went to JCPenney afterwork on Friday to pick up the desk and it was huge!!!! The boxes were A LOT bigger than we had anticipated so we had to leave without our desk. Jeff called his friend Blair who was nice enough to lend us his pick up truck. The desk is finally here and it looks great. We plan on putting the harddrive into the CPU cabinet which is the left half of the desk as soon as we unconnect everything. The desk is actually the corner piece of the full desk below, once we got it home, we realized that buying the full desk would help us to hide Jeff's components that are also in the Den. I have been searching for a cabinet to put those in and Jeff came up with a great idea to just buy the whole desk and hide the components in the other half of the desk. It's hard to describe but I will take pictures once it's all said and done. For now, we have the corner desk and it looks fantastic. I also happened to find today a few Pottery Barn knock off organizers that matches the desk perfectly at TJMaxx. They were such a great find.

Tuesday, January 22, 2008

A few fun purchases this weekend

I finally found a desk for our den.  The Nest ladies on the Decorating & Renovating board turned me on to this fabulous JCPenney - Pottery Barn knock off desk.  I just love it, you can mix and match to build the desk that works for you.  We chose the corner piece along with a few end pieces.  I want to be able to "Nest" from our Den while looking out our front window.  I am hoping to paint the den "Artichoke" from Sherwin Williams one day so the black furniture will look fantastic against the green paint.The sage green couches in our great room are actually one of the only newer pieces of furniture we have in this houses so far. I still wanted to give the couch a modern make-over in honor of our new home.  I bought 4 striped throw pillows from Crate and Barrel and hope to pick out a few window treatments that match the red stripe. 

Sunday, January 13, 2008

My Weekend, the Babytour

Erika and I drove down to Medina to see Liberty's new baby boy. Nolan was just an adorable little baby. Everything about him was just perfect. Erika's little girl, Leia, was just precious with him too. It was so fun watching her interact with baby. The look on her face as she held him was just priceless. Liberty had a fantastic birthing suite. Her room was equipped with a lounge chair, plush sofa, and a flat screen plasma TV mounted to the wall. Too bad we do not live closer to Medina, it looked like a wonderful place to stay after giving birth. Our friend's Sandy and Chris came later in the evening, Sandy is also expecting and is having another little girl next month.
I headed out early Saturday morning for Pittsburgh. My best friend Lisa's baby shower was that day and I wanted to be sure I was there early to help her out. Lisa was one of my bridesmaids and was a huge help for me at my bridal shower. I returned the favor by helping out with gift duty and taking her opened gifts over to the gift table. Lisa looked amazing, I am so happy for her and Mike. She kept preparing me for "how awful she looked" and it was actually quite the opposite. (As suspected!!!) I told her from here on out I officially do not believe her. Lisa was so sweet, she kept asking me if I was OK and how I was doing throughout the shower. I honestly didn't know how I would be but everything turned out great. I have to admit a few of the adorable baby clothes she had received brought me close to tears but I managed. I was just glad that I could be there for her and share in her experience. After I left the shower, I was VERY tempted to head up to IKEA to check out their home decor items but I shook the urge and headed home. I will just have to convince Jeff to head up ther another weekend for an IKEA shopping trip, perhaps when Lisa gives birth we can go....
My Babytour weekend was officially kicked off by the arrival of AF on Friday afternoon. Her arrival occurred promptly right after my favorite aerobics class on Friday and really couln't have happened at a worse time. A cruel joke? Yes, it definetly was, but I sadly put it behind me and kept my chin up for the weekend's events.

Wednesday, January 09, 2008

Pictures from our busy Holiday and move week!

I am just post happy today, aren't I? I have been wanting to post pictures from the move and from around the holidays.

Pics from the move:

Pics from Christmas dinner at my sis's. What a cook!:

Updated House pics:

My favorite room:

Jeff's favorite room:

It's a Boy!!!

As a follow up to my post below, Liberty had another little boy this morning and named him Nolan Glascow. Wouldn't you know it as soon as I hit the "Publish Post" button on my blog, I received a text from Liberty that she had a boy. That was quick, apparently they don't mess around when you go in for a c-section. Apparently he looks nothing like Mac which I am dying to see. Mac is as blond as they come and it sounds like Nolan has dark hair. I am trying to see if I can leave work early on Friday to head with Erika to visit Lib and then new baby. Work has been so crazy this week with training my new employee that I am not sure I am going to be able to leave at a decent hour but I am certainly going to try.

Congratulations Liberty and Keith!

I was feeling a bit motivated today and decided to type a quick blog entry before heading to work. Today my friend Liberty is delivering her second child via c-section. I am so excited for her and Keith! I am sure their first child, MacIntyre, is thrilled as well to be getting a new little brother or sister. I will be waiting anxiously all day for the good news!!!
Liberty is a trooper, she just had a 30th birthday party this past Saturday for her husband Keith which was a total blast. You could tell she went all out so everyone had a great time and Keith had an amazing birthday to remember. Good luck today Lib, I will be thinking of you!!!!

Friday, January 04, 2008

Starting to think about decorating

Now that we are in the new house and growing more comfortable in our surroundings, I am starting to develop the decorating bug. I want to buy the "perfect" everything. I have two lists: needs and wants. We need bar stools for our kitchen island and we need a new desk, however, I want fun decorative pieces and new bedding.
I am also very excited that the Target Global Bazaar is back! There is nothing better to brighten up this very boring winter doldrum kind of year than fun Target decor!!

Tuesday, January 01, 2008

Happy New Year!!!

As Jeff and I are saying, it is the "year of the peanut"! Meaning, this is the year we finally get pregnant and stay pregnant, right? The saying works for us for now and hopefully 2008 will finally be the year that we are blessed. I have been so positive about our situation lately that I am really more at peace than I have been in about a year since our miscarriage. The two failed IUI's made me a miserable, bitter person. I hope I never see her again. I had my HSG test on Christmas Eve, which is I am sure, what every girl dreams of, right? Everything looked clear and perfect in which I am so relieved. My doctor (the new fertility specialist we started to see a few weeks ago) told me this test alone will give my tubes a bit of a cleansing and is to make me more fertile for the next few months. Let's hope he is right.
Our den is finally set up and decluttered. It seemed to have been the dumping ground for the movers since it is the first room on the left as you come through the front door. As I sit here typing, I am looking out the den window. Our cul-de-sac is empty and the snow is coming down. It is actually quite pretty. My view shows a very undeveloped neighborhood at the moment and I know things will be changing here soon. Houses will be popping up all over the place and my view will be ever changing for years to come. Two other lots on our cul-de-sac finally sold and our most immediate neighbor to our left will be digging their hole in a few days. We are told it is a young couple around our age with two little boys. It will be nice to finally have neighbors, we are alone in our own little world right now!!!!
I wish everyone a happy and healthy 2008!!!