Saturday, April 04, 2009

Missing my blog

I have been missing my blog a little lately, not sure if I want to make it open to the public again, but I do feel like I am not documenting a lot of my life lately which is one thing I loved about having a blog. For now, I will blog for me. So much has happened in the past few months, it's insane. I am going to try to capture it in a few posts. I am trying to think of where I left off, I am sure it was in the midst of my frustration with our miscarriage. For the most part, I have found closure with what happened and have moved on, still missing my little girl and what might have been, but hopefully that maybe someday we will have the family that we were meant to have. It's been a long winter but spring in on the horizon and I am so excited for the warm weather. I am not a winter person AT ALL. I would prefer to be living in the Carolinas if I had my choice but our jobs and families keep us here, at least for now. Here is to spring and new beginnings for us.

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