Saturday, April 25, 2009

Still pregnant - 5w2d

We have returned from our trip to Clearwater Beach, Florida. What a great time we had, I will have to write up a seperate post about our trip details and some pics. In the meantime, I wanted to document how my THIRD pregnancy was going. On our trip, we found our that our hcg number overly double again, 4873!!! Unbelievable!!! Is there more than one in there? I really wish I knew!!! I have asked two different nurses that if this could mean there is more than one in there but they have both given me the politically correct answer that I have to wait to know for sure at our 7 week ultra sound. Bummer.
So far, it's been very similar to my first pregnancy with Hyphen, the boobs were not particularly big or sore around the time of the BFP, but boy are they now. I would say right around the 5 week mark they started to become noticably big and sore. Now they are just huge and very sore, especially on the sides. Luckily, I still fit into my shirts and haven't gained any crazy weight yet like I did with pregnancy number two. I still did only manage to lose around 5 pounds from my second pregnancy so I had to run to the mall for a few size 6/8 pants though. Sigh, but it is all worth and vow to be back to my usually weight after the baby. Hopefully this time there will be a baby. Right now, not too much going on. I am trying hard not to think too much about the pregnancy, the time is going by painfully slow and I can't believe I have to wait almost two weeks to know if this pregnancy even has a chance. Based on past experience, we don't seem to get past the 7 week ultra sound before the stress and tears set in. Hopefully this time is different. I am still a bit blown away by my very high HCG numbers but I will take them if it's a sign of a healthy pregnancy. I think the possibility is there that there could be more than one, definetly more so than our second pregnancy. My low HCG numbers back then pretty much told the story right away that it was most likely one. Looking back, I wonder if my low numbers indicate that the baby was sick and not developing as it should. Sure, they doubled, but I guess it's hard to say if it really meant anything. I am just trying to stay hopeful and pray this is our live, take home baby.

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