Thursday, May 21, 2009


I realized that I haven't written in two weeks, hopefully I can remember everything that I have experienced in these past two weeks. For the most part, I have been fairly sick. Even more so the 7th and 8th week. Last Thursday, Bunco night, I was deathly ill and couldn't get off the couch. Unfortunately, I had to cancel on Nancy. I can't wait to be in a position to tell people so everyone will know and understand why I have been so MIA and non social these days. The weather has been decent but Jeff and I have only made it outside once. We have turned down several invitations from neighbors that involve drinking and I am sure they are starting to feel a little slighted. I will feel so much better next week at our 10 week ultra sound and hopefully will be able to start to tell people once we are officially out of the first trimester. Right now we are thinking around July 2nd when Jason and Amanda are in town but we may not be able to hold off until then. Time will tell I guess. I also had a slight bloody nose today, I had that symptom around the 8th/9th week in my last pregnancy and apparently it has returned again.
One event to note was our fun little trip to the ER Mother's Day weekend. At my parent's house the day before Mother's Day, I started to spot brown. I couldn't believe it when I first noticed it on my panties. At first, I wasn't concerned, the pregnancy was going so well, the baby looked great in the first ultra sound, etc. After it continued throughout the day, I started to panic. Why was this happening again? It seemed to be getting a little heavier as the night progressed so off to the Hillcrest ER we went. I figured we needed to know, we have lived through enough sleepless nights and panic attacks from all of our miscarriages that we deserved to have some answers ASAP. We were not going to torture ourselves all weekend until we could call Dr. G on Monday.
We checked ourselves into the ER and waited. A little comic relief was provided by the man on the other side of our drawn curtain. He was under arrest and confined to his hospital bed for drunk driving and hitting a tree in the metroparks. He kept calling everyone he knew telling them how he was going to sue GM for causing his car to go out of control. It had NOTHING to do with the .02 alcohol level that the nurse told him that he had, nope, it was GM's fault. Very entertaining, I would like to see how that one holds up in court.
Anyway, we were finally seen by the OBGYN on call. He was going to do a blood (hcg level) test on us, an internal exam, and send us down to the ultra sound to see our baby. The internal exam went well, he found some light brown discharge but no source of bleeding. My cervix was also closed which indicated that my body was not positioned to miscarry. That was a relief in itself. Our blood test went just as well, it was around 95,000 which I guess is a great number based on how far along we were and compared to my original numbers when I first became pregnant. The ultra sound was the greatest test of them all. We got to see our little baby again on a super magnified ultra sound machine, much better than the one in Dr. G's office. Our baby was measuring ahead still and we could actually see the start of an umbilical cord. The heart was also beating nice and strong, around 167bpm. After leaving the ER we were still a little nervous but very much relieved by all the good news we received. By the time we went to bed at 2am that night, the spotting had subsided. Honestly, I think it was the sex we had that morning that caused the spotting. I have been told that this could happen and apparently it did. I have not had any spotting (or sex) since and am very grateful for that.
To note, I had some light cramping today, it coincidently occured after I went #2 (sorry, TMI) and seemed to last for a few hours. It really did feel more PMS related than intestinal so I was a bit nervous. Later that afternoon, I had a "hard" #2 again, to a point where I winced, and then I felt better. I still felt like they were PMS related than intestinal but fortunatly they are gone.
For the record, I think my "bump" has officially started. At night, my tummy looks a little poochy. Not sure if this is due any weight gain or what (I have only gained around 4 pounds so far thankfully and I am sure it is mostly my boobs) but I think we have the start of something here. I have officially run out of more pants if that is possible and don't think that is due to my tummy, I am pretty sure is it my a** after not working out for 5 weeks. Hopefully I can start to work out more once I am more comfortable that everything is OK.

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