Wednesday, May 27, 2009

9w6d technically but measuring 10w4d!

We had our ten week ultra sound today, it went so well!!!!! I can't believe it, finally!!!! We actually moved up our ultra sound appointment by one day because of the weird brown flecks I had in my discharge on Sunday. That freaked me out, I thought it was the start of more spotting but luckily went away in a few hours. I am wondering if those progesterone supps are irritating my cervix. The good news is that I am done with them according to Dr G!!!!
Now for the ultra sound, I want to try to remember every detail because it really was amazing for us to see. We saw the baby immediately again as soon as the wand was "up there". It also looked significantly bigger from the last time so I was happy but wondering if the heart still had a healthy heart beat. So Dr. G starts looking a little closer at the baby and I couldn't get over how much it looked like an actually baby, wow, what a concept right? We saw it's head, legs, arms, feet, and the umbilical cord. Then the most amazing thing happened, it moved!!! It did a little shimmy and it's whole body moved, it's arms flapping on each side. I didn't realize they had movement already! I just can't get over that is inside of me and going on all day long. The baby then started moving all around again and all of a sudden started to hiccup. That was crazy too, who knew that something the size of a grape could act and function like an actual baby already. I am just in aw and in love already. Jeff was just as blown away and it was so cute to see his reaction. Not to mention the relief I felt seeing him happy. The doctor said the baby looked perfect, he moved the ultra sound over the whole length of the baby, looked at it's spine and all it's appendages. Everything looked perfect, a healthy baby so far. One other item to note is that baby is still measuring ahead, 10w4d and it's only supposed be around 9w6d. Still our little over achiever, I think I may have a little linebacker in here!!!!
After we left Dr. G's office (hopefully for good, at least with this child!!!!) we called Dr. Shafer Polokov, our OB, where it all began. We told the receptionist our story on how we were referred to Dr. G by her and that 2 years later hopefully had our baby. The receiptionist actually put us on hold and spoke to the doctor briefly for a few minutes. Dr. S-P remembered us and wanted to see us immediatly. I can't get over that she remember me, I thought for sure we were long forgotten by now. So we are all set for our first OB appointment on Monday. Unbelievable.
How I am feeling: I am still sick, some days worse than others but it typically starts in the late afternoon, around 4pm. As I type this now, I am feeling nauseous and quesy, water does not help and sometimes makes it worse, but I am plugging through and trying to drink as much as I can. I had that gross taste in my mouth constantly, especially at night. I can't say that it's metal even though I am sure this is what everyone refers too, it's like a tart taste, everything seems to taste more extreme with it which is weird. I also have difficulty swallowing sometimes because of excess phlem. Yum, right? It's weird, and water doesn't always help that either. My "girls" on the other hand are huge, they hurt most of the time but it does come and go. More so in the evening too. So note to self and anyone else out there who ever reads this, symptoms do come and go and are not consistently the same every day. You have your good days and your bad. I already took an hour nap today and thinking about heading up to bed for the night, it's only 9:45 but I am beat. I will sleep well tonight knowing our little baby is looking good.

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