Thursday, June 11, 2009

12 weeks

It's been another roller coaster kind of week for us. On Monday, it started out high and with a lot of hope. We had our NT scan and our little peanut looked great. The ultra sound was actually not a "vag cam" one and it was nice to not have to get naked for it. Ah, the little things...
Anyway, peanut looked great. At first he/she was sleeping and not moving so I immediately freaked out and asked if the heart was beating. It was hard to see because I had to watch on this flat screen monitor across the room from me. Tpically in Dr. G's office, the u/s machine was facing towards me, right in my face. I was reassured baby was fine and looking good. Measuring 12w2d, 4 days ahead again. So baby is growing on schedule still, awesome!!!! That was a relief. Then the u/s tech (who was such a sweetheart) started poking my abdomen to work the little guy up. He started clapping his hands and moving all around. It was really cute. Our baby did not show any signs of a neck fold issue (which would indicate a marker of downs) and appeared to be healthy. It was so wonderful, we kept asking a million questions if the baby was OK and she kept reassuring us that the baby looked good. Fortunately for us, our u/s tech informed us that she was also a victim of infertility and it took her 5 years to have her first child so she did not mind our million questions.
Riding high from our appointment, we decided maybe we could finally tell the family. Jeff tried to get his family together first but no luck, they were busy. We couldn't exactly say why we wanted to get together so we decided to see what my family was up to.
My parents and sister were available to meet at Olive Garden near my sister so we met there afterwork. I know that my mom was totally on to us, I think she was getting suspicious so I knew now was the time. Especially after Nicole's christening, I am sure I was starting to appear "a little pregnant".
As expected, my parents and sister were so happy for us. I was so happy to tell them yet still nervous about it. I keep wondering, was it still too soon? We are not officially out of the first trimester just yet. But at this point, we will take our chances. After dinner, we headed over to my 90 year old Grandma's apartment. What a surprise that this was going to be for her!!! We showed her the ultra sound pictures and she was so thrilled and cried for us several times. It was so wonderful to make her evening. I know she was just spinning from the news.
After a long but wonderful day, we arrived at home and I had to ran to the bathroom. Wouldn't you know it, but I had brown spotting. OMG! What are the chances? I was so upset, so worried to break my families heart again and especially my poor Grandma. Jeff and I decided to "have fun" a few days before, the first time since the first spotting incident and look what happened. At least this is what I pray caused it. I spotted all of the next day and was just so upset and depressed about it. I couldn't believe it was happening again. I also had some weird cramps that I think were gas related but it's hard to tell. Part of me even thinks that the spotting could be the huge cyst left over on my left ovary that my doctor's have been watching. It is starting to break up so perhaps this is causing issues for me? Dr. G said no, however, some women's doctor's on The Bump have said spotting can sometimes be related to cysts so who really knows for sure. I guess the moral of the storey about spotting is that you really don't know why it happens or what causes it and 50% of people who spot miscarry and 50% don't. Let's just hope that I am finally on the right side of this statistic. Please no more spotting. I really want to enjoy this pregnancy and not regret telling people, again!!!!! We are planning on telling Jeff's parents tomorrow so wish us luck.

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