Sunday, July 12, 2009


Wow, where does the time go? I feel like a bad mommy for not blogging about the last four weeks. Currently, I feel great. Finally! The morning sickness started to subside around 12 weeks and officially left around 13. I was still exhausted up until 16 weeks and now really feel like I have my energy back. It's great to feel whole again!!!!!
Peanut is doing great, my belly is starting to grow more although there are days I still wake up and wonder where the heck my bump went. It goes up and down but on the down days I naturally worry and hope everything is OK. As I write, it's a good bump day so I am quite happy.
We go in tomorrow for my second bloodwork. This is the follow up to the initial screen test which all came back normal. I am not too too nervous about this one since little peanut did so well the first time, this is just to confirm that everything is still OK, which hopefully everything still is.
I am really starting to feel anxious about wanting to feel the baby move. I know it can be any day now so please give me a sign little one that you are in there!!!! Talk about reassuring once I finally feel the first flutters. I am also really anxious to know if we are having a boy or girl. Only a few more weeks, I am so excited!
I have been really bad about taking any pictures of my bump this pregnancy. I started taking pics at 6 weeks during the first pregnancy and what a great set of abs I had back then! No trace of a bump for obvious reasons that we know now, not to mention, I was in the best shape of my life back then. Now, not so much after several surgeries and infertility interfering with my workouts. It's OK, plenty of time to whip my bod back into shape after the baby is here. I have gained roughly 6-7pounds so far and tomorrow is weigh in day. We were in Myrtle Beach for over a week so we shall see how that went. I honestly ate quite healthy and turned down several dessert opportunities so it may not be so bad.

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