Saturday, July 25, 2009

Rainy, Lazy, Saturday

This is still July, isn't it? I know how anxious I am for the fall and winter seasons to be here because of our little peanut, but come on, let's be serious for a moment. I don't think the temperature has exceeded 75 all week and we have had more than enough rain. Can a girl get a sunny, Saturday? Do you spy the new home going up to the left of our neighbor's? Just another sign of the neighborhood continuing to grow. I can't wait until all of the lots sell and a new phase to be opened. I was really hoping to take pictures around the neighborhood and dedicate a blog post to the beautiful model homes and all the progress our neighborhood has made this year in spite of the recession. Stay tuned for that, for now we are in a rain delay.....

In attempt to try to make the most of it, I focused on feeding our little one with a yummy pancake breakfast.

For lunch, I decided to make one of favorite summer salads, tomato with fresh mozzarella. Marinated in Italian dressing. Yum!!!!

This evening we are headed out to Jeff's cousins graduation party. We hope to be home by dark because it's the first annual neighborhood movie night!!! How fun is that? Another activity planned by our Neighborhood Children's Activity committee. Our next door neighbor will be showing "SHREK" against their garage door for the kiddee's while the neighbor's plan on hanging out and having a little cocktail party of their own. Pray for no rain, it should be a fantastic evening!


  1. Thanks for stopping by my blog. I love yours! Your breakfast and lunch sounds IDEAL to me!

  2. That does sound fun Karen! I can watch Shrek over and over. :)


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