Thursday, August 13, 2009

21 Weeks and My Home Away From Home

Princess is 21 Weeks today!!! I am so excited that we are over half way there. Just think, in three weeks, she is going actually able to survive out of the womb, but obviously we don't want that to happen just yet!!! I really can't wait to meet my little girl, I have been simply giddy ever since we found out that we are going to have a little girl. I feel like I can bond with her even more now that she has an identity. I have to say that my blog name poll results are in line with what Jeff and I have been thinking for her name. We love Jillian and it seems to be the front runner so far. The only argument is that Jeff wants to name her Jill and I want to name her Jillian. I just feel the name Jillian is so pretty, we plan on calling her Jill, but we will let her choose if she wants to be called Jill or Jillian when she is older. I am slowly starting to feel more buzzes or flutters in my belly. I believe what I am feeling is her but it's still so hard to tell for sure. Darn anterior placenta. Today was a big day for these random twinges so I am hoping this is the beginning of some more consistent movement that I can feel.

There are actually three of us at work who are all due within ten days from each other. This has really added a fun dynamic to my pregnancy. Janet is due on December 20th and Kara is due on December 30th. They are both finding out the gender tomorrow so I have been bouncing up and down all day with excitement for them. I can't say enough how happy I am to be pregnant. One horrible aspect of dealing with infertility and loss is having pregnant co-workers all around you as you trudge through each work day, one failed cycle after the next. When you are at work, you have to put a big smile on your face during their pregnancy announcement, witness their growing belly, donate money for a group shower present, and then hear about the birth of their baby. Before you know it, they are back from maternity leave with their desk spilling over with new pictures as you are still in the same situation that you were in before they even announced their pregnancy. I am just so overjoyed that I am finally pregnant and able to share it with two of my friends at work. It has certainly been something special. I feel that this was God's way and I realize even more now that having a baby is certainly on His time, not mine.

In honor of our three pregnancies, our co-worker has put together a three way baby pool. My Baby board is sitting right outside my cube and puts a smile on my face every morning when I come in. Here is a little shot of my cube, it is very much my home away from home. I spend a good 45 hours a week here as an Accountant for one of the biggest companies in Cleveland. Notice the adding machine immediately next to my laptop? Very necessary. One of these days I am going to burn the thing out. My cube isn't exactly the cutest cube on the block or anything, I would love to make it a little homier with a cute lamp or more picture frames.


  1. I love the name Jillian! Such a cute name!

  2. I love the name Jillian/Jill! For what it's worth my parents named me Kathy not Katherine and there are sometimes, especially now that I get older, that I wish I had that more formal name. Congratulations!...glad you're back in the blog world...maybe I'll get back into it now too.

  3. I love your blog and Congratulations!!! My name is Allison, so naturally I love that name :) But, Jillian is cute too!

  4. How cute is your cube Karen!

    I just now realized that you are an accountant and live in Cleveland! So is my brother in law Jerry Miller. He is an accounting partner for PWCoopers. You may know each other if that is the big name firm you are refering too.
    Small world!

    Have a blessed weekend.
    ~Melissa :)


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