Tuesday, August 11, 2009

A Day in the Life of my Neighborhood: Townhomes Spotlight

I know I always speak highly of our neighborhood so I thought I would take you on a three day tour. Our first day will feature the town home section of the neighborhood. Eventually the development will consist of around 600 units when it's all said and done. We are only at 134 units sold as of today so construction and empty land is what we will be seeing for the next several years. The three home styles consist of town homes, cluster homes, and single family homes. We opted for a single family home, it's more practical and a little bigger for a young, growing family.

The neighborhood will also eventually have a pool, clubhouse, and playground built once we accumulate more residents. Due to the economy and the slow growth of the area, those projects are being pushed into the future until things turn around.

When you pull into the main entrance of our development, you are greeted by the "Sales Ticker". Every resident is obsessed with it and it's a good day when you see the ticker go up!!! You really do feel the neighbors are in a better mood when it's a "sale day". Every conversation that day will start with "Did you see they sold another one? Fantastic, glad things are still moving in this economy". We were sale 87 as of July 2007, it is now at 134.

As you come into the neighborhood, to the far back and to the left are where the town homes are located.

There are only a few built so far, however, they seems to break ground every couple of months in preparation of future sales. The townhomes consist of four attached units. Notice the endless supply of lots and land? This will all be town homes one day.

One bonus of living in this neighborhood is that I am never short on home decorating tips or ideas which I constantly crave. The town home models are beautiful and offer a lot of great decorating space. There are two decorated models, the more contemporary:

and the more traditional:

I couldn't resist a quick pic of my bump in the town home bathroom!

I hope you enjoyed your tour, the next stop will feature the cluster homes, and then, the single family homes.

FYI: I am looking into upgrading to a new and improved layout. Please drop me a comment on the best places to find one!!!! Thanks!!!!!


  1. I LOVE the contemporary townhome! I want to find a place like that if we move to Dallas.

    Not sure on the layout but if you find a good place let me know :)

  2. Very pretty decor in the townhomes! I love being a part of a little home community like this as well. Yours looks beautiful and very well built.
    You look like you are glowing! Cute pic! :)


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