Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Where I Live Wednesday: Laundry Rooms

The idea of this post is to feature my laundry room, however, I am going to feature mine AND my friend Jenna's over at The Hamlett Daily Dose.

I haven't done too much to our laundry room except to paint it. The paint color we chose is Behr Provence. It's a beautiful french blue color and I think it really makes the white cabinets pop.

We also purchased a new LG front loader washer and dryer shortly after we moved in.

The builder installed these beautiful white cabinets, these were actually something we upgraded because the standard cabinets looked like cheap particle board. I wasn't in love with them at all. These were beautiful and sturdy!

The cabinets are great for laundry and cleaning supply storage.

The laundry room isn't big at all, hence the reason I haven't done much decorating or added any additional shelving. Currently, I have no shelving or drying racks to hang any laundry on. My "drying rack" for the past year and half has been little peanut's vacant closets. Since her closets are already starting to fill up with precious pink clothes, my "drying rack" will have to move back to the proper location, the laundry room. What an idea! Here is the small, unused space in our laundry room just begging for me to do something with:

Here is where Jenna's laundry room comes in, she seems to have had the same vacant space that we have, and look at the changes she made!!!

BEFORE: The empty space in her laundry room which mirrors mine:

AFTER: Look at the custom shelving that her husband built over a three compartment laundry sorter. It's genius!!!

The little baskets in the cubby holes are for baby gear. This would be perfect for when our little girl comes!!!! I need to get busy and start some planning. Thank you Jenna for your wonderful inspiration!!!


  1. I'm jealous of your awesome washer and dryer! We live in an apartment so ours are quite small.

  2. Thanks for the feature! :) We need to combine laundry rooms -- I am in love with your wall color AND your washer & dryer!

  3. I am totally jealous of both of your laundry rooms! Ours sits in our cold, dark, depressing cement sad. And that storage is awesome, so cute and yet totally functional, love it!

  4. Good front loading washer and dryer!! Love that washer!!! Very cute! ;)


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