Saturday, September 12, 2009

25 Weeks and Our First Baby Gift!

I came home from work on Thursday to find this waiting for us on our front porch. My brother and his wife in Arkansas bought us our high chair! We were so surprised and so tickled to receive our first baby gift in the mail. It really made it seem real for us that this was actually going to happen! Wow, our house with an honest baby item in it. We are so excited!!!!!!

How far along? 25 weeks

Total weight gain/loss: 19 lbs. I swear half of this is in my boobs, they have literally tripled in size. I have bought more bras then I ever thought I would. Thank God for for cheap Target bras.

Maternity clothes? I finally broke down and bought two pairs of GAP jeans. They are a part of their new 1969 collection and not only are they trendy and cute, they are quite comfortable. My mom also surprised me with a great pair of black work pants from Target. Target is always so hit or miss with their maternity clothes so I was so grateful she found a pair that fit great. Thanks Mom!!!!!

My neighbor has also been very generous and lent me a few of her maternity clothes. I have been wearing her t shirts and long sleeve tops around the house which has been so nice, at least I don't need to buy too many casual tops. She really hooked me up.

Stretch Marks: Still none to report, woohoo!

Sleep: I always get up at least one night to pee, recently, I have even gotten up more than once! When I do get up, I notice my little peanut is awake and she starts moving around when I crawl back into bed. So I lay there waiting for her to move again and then my mind starts to wander to what I want to get done at work that day and then it's just all over and I can't fall back to sleep. I am definitely in boot camp sleep deprivation training for when she is really here. It's apparent she likes to be up at 3am!!!!

Best moment this week: Jeff finally felt her move on Sunday night after a Blizzard run at Dairy Queen. She loved the ice cream, I have never felt her move so much! She made it very easy for her Daddy to feel her. It was so cool!!!!

Movement: I feel her at least once a day now, usually around 4:30 while I am sitting at my desk and laying in bed at night. I was so worried about being able to feel her for so long and now all of sudden I can't remember not feeling her. It's wonderful!!!!

Food cravings: I have been on a cereal kick lately, between milk and ice cream, she definitely likes her dairy!!!

Gender: Girl!

Labor Signs: Thankfully none so far. Keeping cooking peanut!

Belly Button in or out? their is no mistaking my outtie now, it gets to the point where I am noticing it a lot in the mirror when I workout and I really need to start thinking of how I am to cover this thing up before it takes some one's eye out!!! Any tips on how to cover this up????

What I miss: I still miss my diet pop, drinking wine with the girls, and my strength training classes. I have gotten back into working out more and have recently began to use the elliptical machine. There is no aerobic impact and it's a great workout. I was getting bored of just walking all of the time.

What I am looking forward to: stalking my baby registry. My baby shower invitations were mailed this week!!!!

Weekly Wisdom: I had book club this week with the girls. A lot of them are seasoned mother's and they advised me of what baby items I need and what baby items are a waste of time and money. Jumperoo's, onsies, and pack and plays were at the top of the need list. The controversial wipe warmer came up again and they advised me to remove it from my registry. They claimed all it did was burn out half the wipes on the bottom if you are not careful and it's pretty much a pain to deal with. It has since been removed from the registry....again. They also claimed they didn't use their bottle warmers too much and mostly used the microwave. I am still leaving mine on there, I know my sister gets a lot of use out of hers.

Milestones: Making it to the viability stage. She actually has a good chance of survival if she decides to come today!! I can't believe we are here, I am actually starting to refer to how many weeks I have left instead of how many weeks I am. It's just so good to be here and to be making progress.


  1. Wow, time is really flying! You will have a baby in your arms before you know it!! Did you decide on the name for sure yet? :)

  2. Hi Jenna, we are still leaning towards Jillian. My mind is pretty much made up, I need to do a better job at convincing Jeff though!!!


  3. How exciting to be experiencing all these wonderful changes Karen! What a true blessing.
    It sounds like all is healthy and well.

    What a great gift from your bother! Highchairs mst be the thing to get our siblings.
    We also bought my sister the highchair when she was expecting baby Noah. Too cute!

    Have a wonderful weekend, ~Melissa :)

  4. Anonymous2:52 PM


    What a cutie pie little mama you are, lady! Adorable! Congratulations on your blessing on the way! I have two daughters and, I'm probably (definitely) biased ;o), but girls are awesome!

    Have a lovely week!

    In His Joy,

  5. Yay! That is awesome, Karen!!! I can definitely see how getting your first gift (especially something as big and cool as the high chair) would totally make it seem like this is really happening!!!! YES!! So happy for you. Can't believe you are 25 weeks already. I love sweet:)

  6. "Stalking your registration" ~ love that! I totally did that with our wedding registration too :) Congrats on 25 weeks!

  7. Glad things are going so well in your pregnancy! I remember getting our first wedding gift in the mail and it suddenly made everything seem very real, I'm sure it was similar with your 1st baby gift:) Congrats!

  8. We have a Graco highchair and we really like it alot! It's very easy to clean!
    I saw that you were thinking about Jillian for the baby's name. That was our girl name when I was pregnant with Brody!

  9. Karen--it is so good to hear that you are moving along so nicely with your pregnancy! I am still so thrilled for you and your husband. That is so exciting getting your first baby gift as well!

  10. Karen ~ Congrats. I know it's so exciting to get baby gifts!


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