Tuesday, September 01, 2009

A Day in the Life of my Neighborhood: Single Family Homes

Shortly after Jeff and I had gotten married in August of 2005, we were driving through our city and noticed a very large sign announcing the grand opening of a new master planned community. This immediately peaked our interest, we were living in the home that Jeff had bought as a bachelor and knew that it was certainly not our forever home. The location of this new community was so convenient, right off of the new exit that was built along the main interstate that takes us to and from work every day. It just seemed like perfect timing and like God was trying to tell us something. We were not ready to make a big move right at that moment, we had just gotten married and were still trying to get settled into our new life together. Nevertheless, we walked into the sales office of this new neighborhood and picked up a packet of information and a booklet off all the different floor plans that were being offered in the community. I remember staring at those floor plans for hours, they just made me happy. The thought of building a new home together had been my dream. The floor plans for the single family homes in our neighborhood are all named after President's. Hence, the picture of one of the model homes above has a "Jefferson" sign in front of it. It certainly helps me to remember which home is which. You will often hear neighbor's or potential home owners ask each other which "President" they ended up purchasing and how they like the layout. We finally decided on the McKinley, a 2500sq foot, four bedroom colonial. We loved the open concept of the McKinley floor plan.

We started to seriously pursue buying a new home in the Fall of 2006, we decided not to immediately jump the gun by signing with the builder. The phase that we wanted wasn't even open yet, and the sales rep couldn't give us a straight answer on when they were going to open it. A wooded cul-de-sac lot was high on our priority list and those lots were just not available yet. We visited at least 20 existing homes and even though we had a few potential neighborhoods narrowed down, we just couldn't seem to get the new constuction neighborhood out of our head. We were literally stalkers about the whole situation. We would go out to dinner and I would say to Jeff, "Let's go drive past the new construction neighborhood. Just to look again". As much as we looked at several nice existing homes, nothing excited us like making a drive by through the new construction neighborhood. Fortunately for us, the new neighbored was only a mile down the road from our current home so when we were really feeling adventurous, we would take a bike ride over there. We would ride our bikes through the new streets, walk through all the homes under construction, and even stop and ask the new residents how they liked living there. We always received a positive response. One day in June of 2007, while we were biking through the new construction neighborhood, we noticed some serious activity. They were breaking ground on the new phase that we had been waiting for!!!! We immediately went into the sales office and asked when they were going to be selling those lots. We learned that in a month they would be accepting offers. In July of 2008, on my actual birthday, we signed a contract with the builder to build our McKinley. We just always kept going back to this new construction neighborhood and knew it was the right choice for us.

Here are a few pictures to share of the fully decked out "Jefferson" model. It actually just sold last month and the new residents will be moving in at the end of October. I thought I would share a few pics before they took everything down! They have started the new construction a few weeks ago on a new model, I am so excited to see how this one is decorated!

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  1. ~WOW! It's gorgeous! Love the built-ins by the fireplace and all the paint colors. You have a wonderful neighborhood for your daughter to grow up in. :)

  2. What a gorgeous home! I love going to model homes/parade of homes- great inspiration!

  3. I love going to model homes and home tours. :) What a pretty house!


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