My Nursery Homework is Done!

Saturday, September 19, 2009

One advantage of living in a new construction development is that you certainly have a lot of home decor and paint color ideas right at your finger tips. On our evening walk around the neighborhood, I noticed a home that is just about finished, had it's door wide open. Of course, I wanted to go check it out and see what options they had picked out so far and came across two painted little girls rooms. One room was painted pink and the other purple. They are so adorable, apparently this family has two little girls! I quickly ran home and got my pink paint chip to compare to the paint color on the wall of the pink room. I really liked the soft, light color of this particular pink so I wanted to see how it compared to Benjamin Moore's Sweet Taffy, the color that I was close to choosing as our paint color. It was pretty much a comparable match which confirmed my decision even more to go with pink paint color instead of green. I think the soft, light pink color will go well with the bedding, I will probably end up accenting the rest of the room with dark pink, white, and green.

What do you think?

Here is the purple room, maybe for when she is older?

I also like the look of this room I found on line with the Pottery Barn "Penelope" bedding. The pink walls and the pink and green bedding are so adorable. Our room will be a little lighter than these pictures:


  1. I *LOVE* it. That light pink color is beautiful. What a pretty color for a little girls room.

  2. Love the light pink. Very soft.

  3. Light pink will go so well with your bedding!

  4. Very cute! Love it!

  5. AH! I want a girl so bad. If I do, She will most definitely have a pink room!

  6. Thanks for posting this Karen! How have you been? It's been forever!

  7. Karen the soft baby pink color is adorable!

    I think you should do a traditional pink room.
    It's classic and timeless. Let us see how the nursery turns out.

    ~Blessings, ~Melissa :)

  8. I think the soft pink color is adorable!

  9. So lovely!!! She's one lucky little girl!!!


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