Saturday, October 24, 2009

Our Baby Shower!

Our baby shower was so much fun, I can not believe that it is already over with! How is that possible? I feel like we have been planning it for years and now it is over. Our home obviously looks like we are a couple with a baby on the way. What a whirlwind of a day it was. I didn't even get to take that many pictures because from the moment I arrived, I was too busy talking and laughing with my friends and family. Thank God my sister sent these along for me to remember one of the best days of my life.

My mom, sister, and mother-in-law did such a great job which I am so thankful!!!! The shower took place at Pine Ridge Country Club which is extra special for us because this is also where we had our wedding reception. The table center pieces were decorated with purple fall mums which are now planted in the urns outside of our home. I hope to take a few pictures of them with the next sunny day. (That may take awhile given our weather these days, but I am hopeful!).

I thought for sure I was going to cry that day, but the mood was so much fun, that I didn't. I was just too happy for words all day. After we ate lunch, played a few games, Jeff showed up to help me open gifts. He is so sweet, he showed up with a bouquet of roses for me which was of course met with all sorts of ooh's and ahh's from the ladies. He is just so cute sometimes, I don't know how I got so lucky. At the end of the shower, we decided to reveal her name. I wasn't sure if Jeff was ready to do it but I was so happy that he was! We finally 100% committed to her name. Her name will be Jillian Ann, and we will call her Jill. I just love it, Jillian is just so pretty to me. I am so glad we finally agreed on this! Now I can order all sorts of cute items with her name on it!!!!

I also have to share a crazy story that happened the morning after the shower. Once we got home from the shower, we placed all of our gifts in our den. It's the first room to your left as you walk into our home so it was an easy gift drop off place for us. I tried to keep the gifts to the back of the room because anyone could easily see them if you were standing on our front porch looking into our home. Our shower was on a Sunday and I really didn't have the time or the energy to look at the gifts that evening after everyone left our home. Boy did it feel like Christmas morning in our house as I came down the stairs the next day. I couldn't wait for that Monday workday to be over with so I could finally go through all of our beautiful presents.

I am at work for only an hour when I received a scary phone call. It was a dispatcher from our security system saying that one of the motion detectors in our home was going off and it triggered the alarm. The police were on their way to our home to check things out. She then asked me how quickly I could get there and what I would be driving. I tried to call Jeff and let him know of what was going on and then I remembered he had an early morning meeting. So I drove home in a panic thinking to myself, was someone trying to steal all of our baby gifts? Living in a new construction development, people were in and out of there all day long, who knows if someone caught a glimpse of all the great presents sitting in our den. I called my father-in-law who I knew had just gotten off of work. I asked him to meet me at home since Jeff was in a meeting. I did not want to meet the police myself and certainly wasn't going into a home that had been broken into. I don't think a pregnant lady would be able to scare off any burglars.

When I arrived home, the police were gone, but my father in law had just arrived. I was a bit ticked off that the police hadn't bothered to wait for me. So my father-in-law and I walked into our home, alarm still going off as we entered. We slowly walked into the hall, not sure what to expect on the inside. No main entryway had been broken into or the woman who I spoke to over the phone would have told me. As soon as we walked inside, it was obvious to what had happened. We had placed the huge bouquet of mylar balloons from our shower in our great room, next to our fireplace, for us to enjoy. Apparently these balloons also set off motion detectors!!!!! So the balloons were our "burglar". Apparently when the furnace turned on and off, the balloons started to sway, setting off the motion detector. Unbelievable!!! I returned to work feeling a little embarreseed, I had left in a state of panic and then had to try to explain to my co-workers that a bouquet of balloons was the culprit.

My sister and I:

Her first Cleveland Indians shirt:

My sister-in-law Stephanie admiring the bump:

So blessed....

The beautiful tables, note our "burglar" in the back corner!

Our den after the shower...

Take care,


  1. WOW! That does look like Christmas!

  2. Too funny.. lots of nice goodies!

  3. Love the Tribe shirt! Maybe your little girl will bring us some luck next season, lol! Congrats on all the goodies!!

  4. What great blessings!

    And that balloon story is hilarious!

  5. Sounds like you had a great shower! Have fun going through all the gifts. :)

  6. WOW! What a shower!! I bet it was a blast :)

  7. What a nice shower you had, and just look at all those gifts!! Congratulations!! Girls are so much fun! :-)

  8. Oh my! You are blessed! What a wonderful shower! Can't wait to see pics once everything is put in its place. :) That part feels like it takes forever!

  9. And I keep forgetting to tell you that if Brody had been a girl then her name was going to be Jillian Kate and we were going to call her Jillian. It is still my favorite girl name! :)

  10. You are looking so beautiful in photos.

  11. Hey Karen - thank you SO much for using my blog button. I was about to comment on your post (from a comment you left on my blog) and was like, "Wait a second, that button looks familiar!" LOL

    Anywho, I seriously can't believe that shower loot - you guys should be all set now! Isn't it so much fun? It's all so awesome, enjoy every single second of it! Best of luck to you.

    Oh, and you look fabulous!

  12. How wonderful! You are truly blessed, not just that you made out like a bandit but of the love you have is obvious. Your home is gorgeous and honestly, something to aspire to!


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