Sunday, November 29, 2009

Baby Bag Dilemma - Solved!

I ended up getting this baby bag!!! My MIL was nice enough to hit the Myrtle Beach outlets while she was on vacation this week and found a great deal on this one. I am so excited, I can not wait for her to come home with it! It feels good to have that decision made, now I can pack it up for delivery day!!!

Take care,


  1. Super cute & stylish- love it.

  2. Is that Kate? Love it!!

  3. I have that bag and I LOVE IT!!!!

  4. What a perfect bag! I have a HUGE one that I got from my baby shower that I love, but now I am searching for a small one, for church & small outtings!

    Have a blessed week! ;)

  5. Love it! I've already started by diaper bag search since I know it will take me forever to find one I like!


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