Sunday, November 22, 2009

Diaper Bag Dilema

Jillian is going to be here before I know it and I am still struggling with what kind of diaper bag I should get. There are so many options out there, the whole decision process is a bit overwhelming!!!!! Here are a few of my choices that I have narrowed down from all ends of the diaper bag specturm. I would love to hear from you Mom's. I really value your input. Do you love your diaper bag? Wish you would have/ wouldn't have splurged on yours? Is there another one that a Mommy friend has that you wish you would have purchased? Any input is welcome, I am trying to find a stylish, yet functional bag.

I love this from Coach, they had it at our outlet but in brown, I would prefer black:

This one is cute from JP Lizzie. I love the bow on the front and all of the little compartments inside:

This diaper bag from Skip Hop received great reviews on

This one from Kate Spade is just adorable but it's in brown, I want black:

An adorable Kate Spade bag in black:

I have also heard a lot about the Petunia Picklebottoms bags.

Thanks for all of your help, I greatly appreciate it!!!

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  1. I have a Kalencom diaper bag and love it. I used it with Thompson and it is still in perfect condition. It has the plastic-like outside that is perfect for just wiping down. They have the cutest patterns also. Another one that I want is a Petunia Picklebottom. They are adorable. Good luck!

  2. Not a mommy YET but my BF has the Oi Oi Green Dot Diaper Bag:

    and loves it. She says it was worth the $100 they spent on it. Addison is 2 years old now and it still looks like new.

  3. Anonymous7:50 PM

    I would go with the skiphop. it has great reviews and if you change your mind your not spending a couple hundred bucks on it and can get something else down the line. Oh and check the slate color out, I think its a bit more neutral than the black.

  4. No opinion on any of these, but curious to see what recommendations you get. Good luck choosing!!!

  5. Kate Spade in black!

  6. I bought both this Cole Haan one

    I'm expecting around the same time as you and found two bags which I posted about:

    Since then I have found this one, not sure if you've seen this one but I think it's a cute option.

  7. Diaper bags are the worst for me! Ahhh... Hope that you have a wonderful Thanksgiving!

  8. I have the Skip Hop in black and I love it! It holds everything I need for my twins as well as all my stuff, so I highly recommend it. People always compliment the fact that it looks "just like a regular bag." All the ones you're looking at are great, though!


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