Monday, November 16, 2009

Master Bath Realities

OK, I am going to be honest here. I love to try to paint my home in a light of cleanliness and order. I turn my nose at clutter and hate dust and dirt. That is how things usually were until I became pregnant. Since then I feel like I am constantly playing catch up with the house work. I was a paranoid freak the first trimester due to our history so I didn't want to over exert myself, I was better the second trimester when my energy returned, but now in the fatigue and heavier times of the third trimester, things are slacking around here again. It's hard to keep the house clean when you are so tired half of the time. I do not have a lot of motivation after a long day of work. On weekends, I find myself getting caught up on baby to-do stuff when I do have the energy. Cleaning is also very hard work when you are almost 9 months pregnant. Things have certainly slipped around here and I just couldn't take it anymore. Warning: if unclean bathrooms gross you out, do not read any further!!! Please tell me I am not the only one!

My master bath has turned into the nastiest room in the house. It's probably the most used and least cleaned. Probably because it takes so darn long to clean and the most energy. Jeff went to the Monday Night Football Browns game tonight so I decided I had to do something about the nastiness that has become our master bath.

The embarrassing before:

After a crazy Monday morning getting ready for work:

Nasty sink, the plunger doesn't even look silver anymore:

Jeff's nasty and cluttered side of the bathroom:

Nasty hairballs (sorry ladies, so gross, I know!):

Nasty soap scum and calcium deposit on the shower doors:

Finally after scrubbing the bathroom for over an hour, normalcy has returned:

My side is finally clean and uncluttered again:

A freshly vaccumed and swiffered floor and base board:

A clean, unclutter sink. A fresh towel hanging from the towel ring:

Clean and sparkling shower doors:


  1. If you were any more pregnant I'd say you were nesting haha! I'd watch out for an early deliver;)

  2. I was just about to say...your nesting instinct will kick in. Uggh, I'm not even pregnant, but I understand how stuff can's very exhausting after working all day/week to come home & clean the house.

  3. Anonymous1:29 PM

    I clean my bathroom (which is much smaller than yours) every weekend and it still looks gross by Tuesday. Hairballs are inevitable, especially when you blow dry!

  4. How on earth did you get the shower door tracks so clean? I scrub mine and they still look horrible! Please tell me what you used...

  5. Yeah, I'm thinking your nesting phase is kicking in.. Mine did around 34 weeks and lasted up until the night before I had my daughter. I give you kuddos! Let me just tell you, it gets so much harder after baby arrives! At least it has for me! I don't think I have had every room in my house clean since she's been here. Maybe once! ha! It annoys me! But after 5 months, I'm getting a system going! ha!

  6. I agree, I think you are starting to nest. I loved that! It feels so good to have things clean doesn't it? It does get hard though when you are pregnant and have a busy life with kids. I know my rooms get behind and it drives me nuts. lol You did a great job and your shower is sparkling! What did you use? Good luck to you! BTW, I've recently found your blog and have enjoyed reading it.

  7. Looks great! Wow! You have motivated me to clean my master bath too. I think ours looks so gross because it never gets clean when guests come over...everything else does! Yikes!

    You think it is hard now-wait until you have a little baby! :o)

  8. So sweet of you to mention my girlfriend Melissa! She is so special!! Thanks for your sweet note tonight...

    By the way, you are looking adorable! ;)

  9. Hello all! A few of you asked about what I use on the shower doors. I have recently discovered Soft Scrub foaming bathroom cleaner. I have tried a lot of bathroom cleaners with Cleveland's hardwater stains and this works amazing. The foam allows you to leave it on for a few minutes to really break up the soap scum, hard water stains, and calcium deposits.


  10. Rest assured, your bathroom is nowhere near as bad as you think it is!! Looked semi-decent! Make your hubby help or get a maid; you're a working woman and have earned the right to have someone come in a couple times a month to do the dirty work!! I love the color of your bathroom walls; reminds me of a spa! Now I have to ask-is there a door to the bathroom so you are not forced to sit on the toilet in public? I know it would't bother most marrieds, I'm simply a prude. I even lock the door when my husband is home, LOL!!!


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