Saturday, November 07, 2009

The Wal Mart Canopy Bed Saga

I have been wanting to complete our bedroom set ever since we bought the Wal Mart Canopy nightstands almost a year ago. On line, this set looked fabulous, and all of my friends from the Decorating & Renovating Board on The Nest who have tried this line of furniture have all raved about the quality. So I ordered the nightstands just to see what I thought. We really needed a bedroom set and I really didn't want to spend a lot of money considering we have practically a whole house to furnish. So I ordered the nightstands and we loved them, great quality, great color, an all around good product. And from Wal-Mart!!!
So I decided to order the rest of the set and soon realized the sleigh bed we wanted was out of stock!!!! I kept checking Wal-Mart's website for months to see if it was available! I was really starting to get nervous, what if this was a sign of the bedroom set being discontinued? I started to think of what I should do with the two night stands that we had, should I put them in another room? Use them as end tables? Ugh! I didn't want to start from scratch again and have to look for another bedroom set. This one really fit our needs perfectly and it was beautiful and so reasonably priced! I decided to check Wal-Mart's website again this week just by chance that the bed was back in stock. I really wasn't holding my breath, but did try to check the availability at least once a week. So I checked it on Tuesday and holy lord, it was there!!!! I even sent an email to my sister so she could confirm that I wasn't seeing things. I told Jeff that night that I really think we should order the bed before it went back out of stock again and he gave me the go ahead. The next day, I went on line to order the bed, clicked on the link that I had saved in my favorites, and a big fat red OUT OF STOCK stared at in the face. What the heck? It was only in stock for a day? I was so ticked, I couldn't believe it! Now what was I going to do? Was this really that hot of an item? So I emailed Wal-Mart's customer service and they gave me their basic response that the item would be back in stock eventually but they couldn't commit to a date. Of course. So I tried again the next day just to see what the status was. A beautiful green AVAILABLE! I couldn't believe it, so I ordered the bed immediately. Today I received an email confirming that our bed had already been shipped. Yay!!!!! I can't believe we are finally going to get our bed after months and months of chasing this thing down. Do you realize if you were to check the bed on line just now it is still saying it is out of stock??? I will post pics once we have it, let's pray it arrives in one piece and it is the actual bed that I have been wanting after all these months and that their website is not just playing games with my head!

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  1. So glad you came a cross my blog! I am totally a follower of yours now! Have a great weekend! Congrats on the pregnancy!

  2. just found your blog! too cute when you said you sent an email to your sister so she could confirm that you weren't seeing things. i've done that too. best part: you got your bed. Yay!!!

  3. So cute! I didn't know WalMart had nice furniture, I'll have to check it out too.

  4. Hey Karen! Love your blog!! Congrats on the baby, we really don't have that much longer! Oh, and I am in love with your house btw. lol. You have great decorating style and your nursery is too cute!


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