Saturday, April 25, 2009

Cute room!

I like the light colred silk drapes with the dark colored bamboo shades.

Still pregnant - 5w2d

We have returned from our trip to Clearwater Beach, Florida. What a great time we had, I will have to write up a seperate post about our trip details and some pics. In the meantime, I wanted to document how my THIRD pregnancy was going. On our trip, we found our that our hcg number overly double again, 4873!!! Unbelievable!!! Is there more than one in there? I really wish I knew!!! I have asked two different nurses that if this could mean there is more than one in there but they have both given me the politically correct answer that I have to wait to know for sure at our 7 week ultra sound. Bummer.
So far, it's been very similar to my first pregnancy with Hyphen, the boobs were not particularly big or sore around the time of the BFP, but boy are they now. I would say right around the 5 week mark they started to become noticably big and sore. Now they are just huge and very sore, especially on the sides. Luckily, I still fit into my shirts and haven't gained any crazy weight yet like I did with pregnancy number two. I still did only manage to lose around 5 pounds from my second pregnancy so I had to run to the mall for a few size 6/8 pants though. Sigh, but it is all worth and vow to be back to my usually weight after the baby. Hopefully this time there will be a baby. Right now, not too much going on. I am trying hard not to think too much about the pregnancy, the time is going by painfully slow and I can't believe I have to wait almost two weeks to know if this pregnancy even has a chance. Based on past experience, we don't seem to get past the 7 week ultra sound before the stress and tears set in. Hopefully this time is different. I am still a bit blown away by my very high HCG numbers but I will take them if it's a sign of a healthy pregnancy. I think the possibility is there that there could be more than one, definetly more so than our second pregnancy. My low HCG numbers back then pretty much told the story right away that it was most likely one. Looking back, I wonder if my low numbers indicate that the baby was sick and not developing as it should. Sure, they doubled, but I guess it's hard to say if it really meant anything. I am just trying to stay hopeful and pray this is our live, take home baby.

Friday, April 17, 2009

4w 2d

We are only a few days into the pregnancy and it has finally started to sink. There have actually been moments that I have forgotten that I am even pregnant again only to remember and have that happy feeling come over me. It's been great so far, it's hard NOT to get excited and I guess I should just enjoy being blessed again and just go with it. At 4 weeks and 2 days, I feel great, maybe a little tired but I think that is mostly due to the lack of caffeine I have had all week. I have also had some pretty fantastic betas to be excited about. Our first one at 15 days past IUI was 753!! OMG, I almost fell over when nurse Lilly told me. I have never heard of first betas that high, our second one was 2080! Another wild increase. Needless to say, I am just beside myself. Finally, an overachiever!!! There are no mistaking these numbers. I go in tomorrow for my last blood test which hopefully just as amazing as the first two. Jeff is already convinced it's multiples, I am just hoping it's the sign of a really healthy baby although I welcome as many as God blesses us with. I just hope that we finally have our family.

Monday, April 13, 2009

Third time the charm?

Well, I am definitly not publicizing this blog again now! I can not believe that we are pregnant again. I just POAS and the first line literally came up before the control line, it was unbelievable! I honestly have been trying not to even think of the possibility that we could be pg again. I could have tested yesterday but I really wasn't anxious too, either result would have brought on feelings of stress. If it was negative, I would have been dissappointed but know that it may take a few cycles, we just could not be that lucky for the shots to work for us again right away. Well, apparently they did. I didn't even have any symptoms, just a few cramps on the left handside that could have easily been PMS cramping. My BBS were slightly sore and a little more round but again, that has been a PMS symtom for me. My boobs were huge for me last pregnancy, even early on, so I didn't think that it was anything extraordinary that would have screamed that I was pregnant. I decided today to take HPT test after work, I wanted AF to show up just to put me out of the misery of the suspense in taking HPT but she was no where to be found. So I went to CVS and bought the First Response Early Response test, the most sensitive test out there, and decided to do it after dinner. I held my pee for 3 1/2 hours and I was literally read to piss myself. After sticking the test in the stream, I literally just sat it on the counter and the second line was already apparent, even before the control line. I am happy yet freaking out. Happy that it happened again so quickly but scared that I am living in ignorant bliss for what could only be another miscarriage. I pray that this is our family that we have hoped and prayed for.

Sunday, April 12, 2009

Adding fabric bands to the bottom of drapes

I am considering doing this to the Pottery barn grommet silk drapes but I am concerned about ruining the drapes themselves. I need to research. I know these drapes came from JCP and do not have that blue band so I imagine she added this band of color herself. I also spy the JCP lamps in her room, luckily JCP still carries them, I may need to purchase ASAP.

Friday, April 10, 2009

Saturday, April 04, 2009

Missing my blog

I have been missing my blog a little lately, not sure if I want to make it open to the public again, but I do feel like I am not documenting a lot of my life lately which is one thing I loved about having a blog. For now, I will blog for me. So much has happened in the past few months, it's insane. I am going to try to capture it in a few posts. I am trying to think of where I left off, I am sure it was in the midst of my frustration with our miscarriage. For the most part, I have found closure with what happened and have moved on, still missing my little girl and what might have been, but hopefully that maybe someday we will have the family that we were meant to have. It's been a long winter but spring in on the horizon and I am so excited for the warm weather. I am not a winter person AT ALL. I would prefer to be living in the Carolinas if I had my choice but our jobs and families keep us here, at least for now. Here is to spring and new beginnings for us.