Sunday, January 31, 2010

In Transition

Jeff watched Jillian for a few hours today which allowed me to venture out to my ultimate happy place:

I realized that while I was in Target, I am still not able to fully appreciate my non-pregnancy self just yet. I was so sick of wearing my maternity clothes and still find myself not able to shop just yet. I was looking through all of their cute spring clothes and bathing suits (I still can't get over that they have all of their bikini's out, it was only CHRISTMAS the last time I was in Target which wasn't THAT long ago) and can't even consider buying anything. I have lost most of the pregnancy weight, however, I still have 10 pounds to go in addition to the 10 pounds of infertility weight that I put on. With a weight loss goal of 20 pounds, it is really pointless buying something that I will hopefully (knocking on wood) not wear very long.

I am in a bit of a transitional period and trying to get to know myself again as a non-pregnant girl. I have been thinking and acting like a pregnant girl for so long, that I sometimes have to remind myself that I am not pregnant anymore. I CAN have that diet pop again and I CAN wear those high heel boots again! I tried so hard to stay away from those things when I was pregnant that it's hard to jump right back into thinking like a non pregnant girl again.

I had my post partum OBGYN appointment on Thursday and was blessed with a clean bill of health. She even gave me a prescription for birth control pills which honestly makes me laugh. They are for a good reason because they will help keep the endometriosis away for when we do start to try again. When will that be you ask? Probably not for several months but we'll save that explanation for another post.

Anyway, with that clean bill of health, I decided that step one in making the transition back to my old self is to start working out again. Tomorrow I plan on starting this:

I really miss my FIRM videos and "Fanny Lifter" so I am looking forward to dusting them off and getting back to business. I used to workout all of the time and have found that intervals of cardio and weight resistance training are the best way to sculpt your body and to lose weight. I can't wait to get back into shape again. I know it's going to be a challenge trying to workout and take care of a new baby, but I am up for that challenge. Ask me again on Friday to see how easy this really was :)

I really think this is step one in helping me to feel more like me again be able to be able to shop like I used to. Any advice from mom's, especially those who are breast feeding, on how to keep up your workouts and coordinating your breast feeding? I would really love to hear from you!!! I am really glad that I can breast feed Jillian and do not want to sabatoge my milk supply in any way.


  1. Oh gosh, I LOVED The Firm. I did it religiously one summer back when I was in college (7 years ago now?), and WOW it really works! I had it on VHS tapes and honestly didn't realize that it was still around. Let me know how you like it!

  2. Well, I just called it quits with the breast feeding/pumping. It was just to much for me, so I'm not much help! I used to do Taebo & I think I had The Firm at one time, but never got into it. I need to lose weight too :( I have about 10 lbs of pregnancy weight left & I would love to lose another 25-30 on top of that! I have the "Walk Away the Pounds" dvd, so I might try that. It is so hard to think about working out when your so tired, ha!

  3. HI Karen! I am a nursing Mommy to a 2 month old and have started on my weight training as of last sunday, one week. Not very long but I feel great. The milk production hasnt stopped nor should stop with working out. As long as you continue to eat healthy and drink lots of water. This is my 3rd, and nursed all 3. It is the absolute best thing you could do for Jill. LOL at times while Im standing at the kitchen sink or my MB sink, I find myself sideways doing dishes, washing hands, LOL THINKING ive still got the giant belly! LOL...

  4. Hi Karen, I totally know where you're coming from. My biggest issue with shopping is buying nursing/pumping friendly attire. I love spring/summer dresses, but I'm not sure that's going to work out too well for me this year!

    I don't have any advice for you on working out and your supply. I've been pretty lucky that nursing has burned enough extra calories to be my work out. However, I can warn you that if you don't consume enough calories your supply will plummet! I tried to diet and all I lost was a few oz. from each pumping session!

  5. Glad you got out of the house for a little bit! Good luck with your workout plans!

  6. hi karen,
    Congrats on weight loss. New clothes are a reward & don't have to be expensive, check out this video of a style makeover after weight loss & new glo jeans:


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