Friday, February 26, 2010

Jillian is Two Months!

Dear Jillian, I don't know where the time has gone! It seems just yesterday I was holding you in my arms in the hospital rubbing your wrinkly little newborn back. Now you are sitting in your bouncer seat beside me, cooing at your little animal friends. It is amazing how you change so much in just a little time. Can you believe that one of my favorite times to spend with you is changing your diaper? This is our time when we "talk". You must love having your diaper changed. You smile and coo like crazy as if you were telling me a story. You also love to stare at me during this time and smile at me. It's wonderful. You also love your bath time!!! Just this week you have figured out that kicking your legs causes the water to splash. You get so excited as the water starts to splash all around you. Water gets all over the walls and on Mommy and Daddy. You don't even mind that it gets in your face and in your eyes. Your tongue just starts licking like crazy once you have water on your face. It's adorable. Your sleep schedule is not really a schedule at all but Mommy and Daddy have been trying to get that turned around, especially at night. We try to get you in the bath by 8pm, feed you by 9pm, and have you in bed by 10pm. It's not perfect yet but we are making progress. You still have your 10:30 fussy time but it's no longer an every day thing. Only when you are over tired and over stimulated. Your paci usually helps during this fussy period!!! You are now sleeping in your crib and are still getting used to sleeping in that big space. You still love to be swaddled at night and will cry and wake us up if you kick out of it. Daddy is the best swaddler and will still do your first swaddle of the night. Mommy tries to swaddle you at your 3am feeding but still needs more practice. I have started to feed you at night in your room instead of ours so we don't wake up Daddy. It is also easier to change you and put you back to bed since you are now sleeping in your room.

Mommy loves our days together just you and I. You love to play in your bouncer seat and your baby gym. You have just started to bat at your toys instead of just randomly waving your hands and making contact. You will coo and squeal as you play with both. After 20 minutes, you have usually had enough and will fuss to be taken out. You really do not enjoy Tummy time so Mommy doesn't have you do it that often. I think we both need to get better with this!!! I just hate to see you cry and get upset. You do not sleep as much as you used to during the day but you still love your day time naps. It takes a miracle to wake you up during the day, I only wish that was the case at night! You don't enjoy sleeping on my chest as much as you used to which makes me sad. You will move your neck back and forth because you are no longer as comfortable. You will only sleep on my chest if you are extremely tired. You love to sleep on my lap on top of the boppy pillow after a feeding and will sometimes let you sleep there for awhile. I feel guilty moving you to your infant seat or swing even though Mommy does need to get some things done during the day!

You love to breast feed and will tolerate a bottle every now and then. You make the cutest noises before most feedings when you know you are about to get fed. It sounds like an excited pant, it's so cute. Breast feeding is definitely going better and I haven't needed to use lanolin all week!!! Perhaps the girls have officially toughened up. You still do not open your mouth as wide as you should but we are still working on this. We finally figured out that when you do have a bottle, it needs to be very warm!!!!

You are officially in 0-3 month clothes but your sleepers are already getting a little tight in the legs. You are still in the 75th percentile for height so those are always the first to go. Mommy may have to start shopping again for new sleepers. You still hate when Mommy puts onesies on you. You always fuss when I try to put it over your head and bend your arms into the arm holes. They need to make these a little easier!!!

I may be slightly biased, but think you are the most beautiful baby girl. You have Daddy's perfect skin tone and Mommy's big eyes and eyelashes. I love that you have dark hair and hope it stays dark. Your eyes are still blue, but a very dark blue. It's hard to say what color your eyes will eventually be. I think it's official that you have my weird toe nails. They grow upwards and are a pain to trim. I have not trimmed yours yet since they do not seem to be growing as fast as your finger nails. Thankfully, you do not have my nails since those grow upwards too. Yours are pretty but grow like crazy. At times you will scratch your face while you sleep at night and Mommy feels terrible. It's hard keeping those nails dull!!!

I can' wait to see what month three brings for us, I am so grateful to have another month at home with you and hope we can at least get a warm day for you and I to venture around the neighborhood in your stroller. It's been nothing but snow for us in February. As I type this, we are receiving a foot of snow from the latest winter storm that has hit Cleveland.

Jillian's Two Month Stats:

Weight: 11 pounds 2 ounces (50th percentile)
Height: 23 6/8 inches(75th percentile)
Clothing: 0-3, can still fit into a few 2 piece newborn outfits, 0-3 sleepers are tight already in the legs!
Diapers: Just started size one last week.
Favorite Toys: Bouncer Seat, Baby Gym, Fisher Price Aquarium. You still go to sleep to your seahorse but not every night as you have in the past.
Favorite Past time: Bath Time.
Communication: Smiles, coos and squeals.
Cries: Biggest cry is when you are hungry, will occasionally cry when you tired and can't fall asleep. You need an extra walk around the house with Mommy or Daddy or a ride in your swing to help.
Bedtime: Lately before 11pm.
Food: Breast Milk with 1-2 bottles from Daddy a week


  1. She is beautiful and I can't believe two months already!!

  2. Love those sweet cheeks!!

  3. What a great entry - she is getting so big and is growing and learning every day. How sweet!

  4. She is so beautiful! I love the picture of her in the bouncy seat....precious!! Hopefully the earlier bedtime is working for y'all and you're all getting a little more sleep. Isn't it amazing how much she learns every day?! Just wait, it seems like they change SO much over months 3 and 4!!! Take care :)

  5. I can't believe Jill is just now in size one diapers! I feel like Lizzy has been in them for weeks! Isn't that funny...

    She is an absolute doll Karen! And what a fantastic letter!

  6. I just wanted to say how much I enjoy reading your updates on Jillian. They remind me soo much of my time with our first. It was such a special time and it goes by sooo quickly. I remember so much of it like it was yesterday but it seems like forever ago. He will be 6 on the 23 and though excited still a little sad. Jillian is a beautiful baby!!


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