Wednesday, February 03, 2010

Let's Make Up!

I really love buying new make up but admittedly am not a pro on applying it. I have been in a bit of a beauty funk lately and have been trying just to use up the products I have lately so I can start fresh.

I recently came across this amazing make up blog by blogger TiffanyD. I really love how she gives tutorials on how to properly apply make up and documents every product she uses. This is really helpful for a girl like me! I have been compiling a list of new products that I need and have been studying her videos. My observation is that it has more than just the products, but the tools that she uses to apply the make up. I have always just stuck to the standard make up applicator that comes with the eye shadows so I really love the fact that she mentions the brushes she uses as well. Have fun watching her videos, I hope you are as inspired as I am!


  1. Thanks for the tips....I love the helps alot!
    Summer :0)

  2. Isn't she great! I used one of her tutorials for my New Years makeup and found it really easy.

  3. you make like
    i got addicted to that board for quite a while.

  4. I am such a makeup dunce...I am TERRIBLE at doing my makeup. I think you're right though, that the brushes really seem to make a difference. Maybe I'll pick some up sometime.


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