Thursday, February 04, 2010

Mommy's Day Out

I was able to get out of the house today for a few hours. How liberating it felt! It was also one of the first days above 32 degrees that we have had in some time so I felt even better about taking Jill out. I can only imagine how different my maternity leave would be if it were during a Summer month. I would be taking Jill around the neighborhood all day long if it were a lot warmer outside. Cabin fever is definetly here!

I decided to start attending our hospital's Mom's lactation support group to get some advice on breast feeding. I am still experiencing pain on my left side and wanted one of the lactation specialists to give her opinion on what was going on. I had my OB check things out at my appointment last week and their was no sign of an infection. At least we were able to rule out that possiblity. According to the lactation specialist, Jill may not be opening up wide enough so we are going to try a few of her suggestions and go back next week. There were three other Mom's there which also made it nice to converse with other women!!! Their babies were 2 and 4 weeks old and so tiny! It's amazing how quickly you forget how small your baby was, and Jill is only 6 weeks old! She looked huge compared to them. It really is amazing how much they change in just a few short weeks.

Trying to get out of the house was interesting too. I was trying to get out the door before Jill wanted to be fed but it just didn't work out that way. Sure enough, she started crying and demanding food so I decided to feed her on the one side and run out the door. At least she had something in her belly and hopefully left her a little hungry so she could eat again at the lactation group. That seemed to work out pretty well even though I think the lactation consultant would have been able to see Jill in action a little more on an empty stomach and a full feeding. Perhaps things will go a little smoother next week.

Jill getting ready for her big day out!

Pulling into our meeting:

I had not eaten all day and was starving when the meeting wrapped up at 2pm. On a rare sunny and above freezing temp day in Cleveland, I did not want to head home just yet. So to McDonalds drive thru I went. Oh, the shame!!!

Jeff told me last night that close friend's of our's just bought a home near us. Still not wanting to go home, I thought I would drive through our friend's new neighborhood to look at their new house. There is nothing more fun to me than checking out new homes. I was in heaven. There were actually three for sale that could have been their's. I loved the one with the porch.

We are home! Jill all tuckered out:


  1. She is soooo precious!!!

  2. I love riding thru neighborhoods looking at homes! Your daughter is adorable!

  3. I am so excited to see the baby all bundled up!!!!!!!! Have you seen it wheere it's like in the 30s and you go into walmart and their baby has nothing on their head, no socks, just a smaller blanket, but the parent is all bundled?!?! GIVE ME A BREAK! YAY for you!!

  4. My favorite thing to do is drive through neighborhoods! ;) How sweet is your little one!

  5. Beautiful little Jillian!!

  6. Ahh, Jill is so cute. I'm glad that you had a nice day out and shared it with all of us. Hope your weather will start warming up again soon. Great blog. Keep up on the good work.


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