Attention Firefox Readers

Monday, March 15, 2010

Hello there!!! It's been brought to my attention that Firefox users are no longer able to see my posts. I am looking into the issue. If this is happening to you, can you please leave me a comment? I appreciate your help!!!


  1. I use Firefox and can't see your posts. I just see the side bars and your blog header. :( Can only see your posts in Internet Explorer. Could be a format issue with the new design?

  2. Same as above, but I can read your posts in my google reader through FF, just can't comment or see your posts when I click through.

  3. :( I'm a Firefox user as well. I can read your post though google reader but to comment I had to jump over to Safari:) So FYI looks fine on Safari.

  4. I was wondering what was going on with your blog. I can't see any of your posts using Firefox. Hope its an easy fix!


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