Friday, April 02, 2010

Back to Work

Last Friday was the dreaded first day of work for me. I still can not believe that my maternity leave is over with. Wasn't I just talking about sleepless nights and breast feeding woes? Well, the at least the breast feeding woes are over with, the sleepless night are another story! It seems like it all went by so quickly. It's been a week since I went back and I am still pretty sad and emotional about the whole thing. I am still wondering if I made the right decision by even going back to work. It's only for three days a week now but it is still three days that I am not able to be with Jillian. It's been hard, I knew it wouldn't be an easy transition, but I had no idea. Each day back grew progressively harder and harder for me. Jeff stayed home with Jillian on my first day back since I was only back to work for one day before the weekend. On Monday, Jeff's Mom started her weekly duty of watching my baby girl. That was pretty hard too but at least I knew she was still in our home. Wednesday was supposed to be Jillian's first day at daycare but my baby girl actually came down with pink eye the night before. How does a 14 week old get pink eye? The only possibility I can think of is that she picked it up the day of her baptism, other than that, the girl doesn't really leave the house! So Miss Jilly had to miss her first day of school already and fortunately for us, my Mom came over to fill in. This is the other thing about going back to work that makes me so sad, my baby girl was sick and I couldn't be there for her. I felt so conflicted and I didn't want to call off on my third day back already with a sick child. I didn't want to be "that" employee. Ugh, it's so hard knowing what to do.

So yesterday became Jillian's first day of daycare, a day Jeff and I were both dreading. We decided to both be there to drop her off and pick her up so we could see how everything went and what we were responsible for as parents. On the drive there, we stopped off at Dunkin Donuts and picked up a dozen donuts for the staff. We thought it would be a nice gesture considering these ladies were going to be watching our precious child. As soon as we walked into the infant room, I was just a mess inside. I was afraid to talk to anyone because I knew the tears would just start flowing. Her crib was already picked out and had her name across the front of it. The women were so nice though and immediately started talking and paying attention to her. Trying to make her feel special on her first day. I reluctantly handed Jillian over to a Linda and her eyes got so wide as she stared at this strange woman. That look really broke my heart. I knew she was in good hands but it just isn't the same. It's only for two days a week thankfully, I don't think I could survive a full week of having her there.

On a lighter note, as we were lifting our precious baby out of her car seat, we noticed her backside had a big ole' poop stain on it. Unbelievable, a blowout already after only being there for only five minutes? Linda graciously changed her for us and put on a new outfit. Luckily I packed extras for the day. This turned out to be the first of TWO blowouts. I may have to bring a suitcase of outfits to daycare for this child!

I do have to say that I am very proud of Jeff and I for selecting the daycare that we did. We both took off a full day of work a few months ago to tour several day care facilities and this one is by far the best. All of the parents dropping off their babies were all professionally dressed, career oriented individuals like ourselves. I actually ran into a sorority sister that I hadn't seen in 15 years on my way out. That was a pleasant surprise. We also ran into several of our co-workers (Jeff and I work for the same company) and Jillian's crib is right next to the baby of one of my co-workers. It was at least comforting to me that we know the parents of several of the babies and children there. It made the daycare seem a little less scary to us.

Here are a few pictures of Jillian's first day:

Mommy and Jillian on her first day of day care:

Jillian's first inaugural blow out! Already making an impression.

Jillian's crib:

Already fast asleep before Mommy and Daddy even left:


  1. Lizzy has been having blow outs like crazy lately too! There's no way she's too big for her diapers--the 1-2's fit up to like 18 pounds!

  2. She is so adorable. I am sorry that you have to leave her but it sounds like you did everything right to make sure that it was the best fit for you and her. Take one day at a time. It will get easier.

    Have a great Easter weekend.

  3. I take my little one to day care 3.5 days a week and it is hard but I will say that it gets easier. She started at "school" at three months old. That first month was horrible for me. She is now 7.5 months and been at school for 4 months and LOVES it! She loves being home with us but she loves her little friends at school, too. You'll start to notice how much better she'll sleep after a day at school--they play so hard they wear themselves out! Also, the teachers will be a wonderful resource as a first time mom. My little bit's teachers give me all sorts of how to info and help me when i have questions. Very helpful! You'll adjust and so will she--it just takes some time. You'll still have bad days but in the long run, you'll be glad she's getting that interaction. Good luck to you! It's not an easy part of being a mommy!!

  4. I know how you feel, it was so hard to go back! It will get easier I promise!

  5. I have to do this in a about 3 weeks and I'm not looking forward to it all. I feel better knowing I'm not the only one! Jill is so precious, I'm sure she'll make lots of great friends there!


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