Tuesday, April 13, 2010

The Great Cold of 2010

I am so happy to say that we may have finally survived 'The Great Cold of 2010'. Wow, what a week we had. I am starting to feel almost human again. It all started last Sunday on Easter, I noticed that Jillian had started to develop a slight cough. I didn't think too much of it and thought she may even be just trying out a new sound. At work on Monday, my nose started to run. I remember sitting in my boss's office trying to nonchalantly wipe my nose without him noticing. Gross, I know, but I didn't have a kleenex with me and it just wouldn't let up. For the rest of the day, my nose just kept running and running. I went through every last kleenex from the Christmas Kleenex box that I still had sitting on my desk that I had bought before I went on maternity leave. That night at home, as each hour passed, I felt the sinus pressure building in my face. It felt awful and my nose was getting more raw by the moment as it continued to run. Thankfully the next day was my day off so Jeff took care of putting Jillian down for the night and I went to bed. I felt so bad for Jeff, Jillian just wouldn't go to bed for him, for some reason, she kept crying every time he would put her down. She is certainly not the best sleeper in the world, but she is pretty good about going to sleep at bedtime. We were so confused on what was bothering her.

I felt miserable all day Tuesday and started to develop a fever. I knew I had one without even taking my temperature. I had the chills and was tired and achy. I could barely get off the couch but had to take care of my baby. I also started to panic as the day went on because my milk supply seemed to be depleted. I think going back to work was causing my milk supply to go down. I had only myself to blame, I wasn't pumping as often as I should or drinking as much water. I was so busy that I would get too caught up with work that I would forget that I was a breastfeeding Mommy. I kept trying to pump all day to build up my supply for daycare the next day and couldn't get anything at all! I had no surplus outside of what I fed Jill. I called my sister that night in a complete panic. I felt horrible that my milk supply might actually be drying up. Now that breast feeding no longer hurt, I loved to breast feeding Jill, it was our special time together. It was even more special now because I would breast fed her on my days off since she got bottles all day while I was at work. Since I couldn't send Jill to daycare on Wednesday with no food, I called Jill's pediatrician so she could recommend a formula. I also asked her what I could take to fight off this fever. I am sure that wasn't helping my milk supply either since fevers have a tendency to dehydrate you. So Jillian got her first formula bottle that night, I felt awful, but it gave me a change to pump out a lot of breast milk for day care the next day. I will no longer take my milk supply for granted and as soon as I am better and able to actually get out of the house, I am going to buy some of the fenugeek that Jill's pediatrician recommended to build up my supply.

Still feeling like death the next morning, I ended up calling off of work. Jillian still had a slight cough and a slightly runny nose, but I sent her off to daycare anyway because I didn't think she was that sick. I needed some serious rest and took advantage of my alone time. It felt weird not going to work and not having to take care of a baby but I needed to get caught up on some serious sleep and needed to get better. Jill still had a slight cold, but it was so mild, it must have a lighter version of mine since I was breast feeding her. Or so I thought, on Thursday I woke up still feeling terrible, but hopped in the shower anyway to get ready for work. After I toweled off, I heard Jillian crying in her crib, so I went to get her ready for the day. I picked her up and she started coughing and sneezing like crazy. Her nose was running, her eyes were extremely watery, and she just looked a mess. She now too had a full blown cold. Poor thing. While changing her diaper my sinuses kept pounding, my nose was still running, and I kept coughing and sneezing every few minutes. I decided there that there was no way I could send Jillian to daycare that day and I could never survive a day of work still feeling like I did. So I decided to call off again and also called off Jillian from daycare. What a miserable day she and I had. We were both a mess. I decided to call her pediatrician because her eyes kept watering, especially the same eye that had the pink eye last week. It was even borderline crusty again so i wanted to see if I should try giving her the pink eye drops again. The doctor told us to come in so she could check her out. The poor thing was such a mess, I felt terrible dragging her out of the house, but I was hoping the doctor could help get her own the road to recovery. Her pediatrician immediately checked both her ears and said "Yep, she has a double ear infection and she is also starting to teeth.". Oh my lord, could anything else be wrong with my poor child? The double ear infection certainly explains why she hadn't been sleeping well lately. I don't know why, but ever since she had gotten pink eye, I had it in the back of my head that she may of had an ear infection too. I was told that the two sometimes go together so I am so glad I called the doctor and got her in.

That night was awful, I am not going to lie. It was my duty to get up with her since Jeff had to work the next day. He had not been getting a lot of sleep that week trying to take care of the two of us. Jill kept getting up every few hours since she couldn't breath that well and she kept coughing which would ultimately wake her up too. I was so tired of getting up that I decided to sit in the glider in her room with her and propped her up in my arms. Since she was now slightly elevated, she was able to breath so much better. She fell asleep instantly. I sat in the chair with her from 2am-6am, completely exhausted and sick myself, but wanted my sick baby girl to sleep. That was probably one of the hardest nights I have had with her. I tried to get some sleep myself sitting up in the chair but that was next to impossible. Trying to take care of a sick baby is hard enough when you are healthy, it's unbearable when you are feeling sick yourself.

On Friday, Jillian and I were both still very sick. I just tried to get through the day and napped at every opportunity that I could. Jeff finally came home from work to relieve me and HE started to cough and sneeze. He kept blowing his nose all night and it was apparent that he could not escape 'The Great Cold of 2010' either. We were one, very pathetic, sick family. We decided that we seriously needed to get ourselves back on track so the three of us headed to our local urgent care to get some antibiotics. Jill already had some from the double ear infection and it was now my turn. I really didn't want to take any prescription medications since I was breast feeding, but it was a losing battle. I wasn't getting better on my own and needed some help.

That weekend, the three of us just laid around on the couch all day, feeling miserable and sorry for ourselves. One good thing is that we were able to catch up on all of our movies and shows that had been piling up on our DVR. Jeff and I each took shifts getting up with Jill at night so we could both get some solid blocks of sleep. Jeff took the 9am - 3am shift and I took the 4am to 10am. Thank God it was the weekend and neither of us had to worry about work for a few days. Saturday night was the first night that neither one of us had to sleep with Jill in the glider.

It is now Tuesday, a week later, and I can finally say I feel better. I have one pill left from the Z Pack that was prescribed to me and the sinus pressure from my face is finally gone for the first time. I haven't blown my nose in six hours and my cough is starting to break up and fade. Jillian still has a slight runny nose but you can tell she is feeling much better because she is playing more in her bouncy seat and on her activity mat. Jeff is finally back to work today, he took off on Monday and finally decided to get some antibiotics for himself too. He is that last of the three of us to get better since he was the last to get it. I know it seems crazy to blog so much about a cold, or whatever it was that we actually had, but it put us out of commission for a week! It was one of the hardest weeks as a new Mom and I am sure this is not going to be the last one with a sick child. Let's just hope it's not for awhile, I think I am going to need therapy after this!!!!

Finally, only a week later, are some Easter pictures. The last time we were all well!

My sister and I trying to position our girls:


Such a pretty and HEALTHY little girl!


  1. So glad you both are healthy again. Randi wore that same dress for Easter! Love it!

  2. Glad you are all feeling better! Love the Easter dresses.

  3. Aww, that sounds miserable. It's so hard to be sick when you have a baby to take care of. Mason and I are sick right now -- I think with that same darn cold. Glad you are on the road to recovery. Love the pics. She gets cuter everyday!

  4. So glad that y'all are getting better. It is rough enough when you are sick as a mom but then when the baby gets sick too....man oh man.

    I am glad that you have made it through. Have a good Wednesday.

  5. That's horrible! I feel your pain though! My little bit has had double ear infection with RSV, pneumonia, and bronchitis off and on for the last six weeks AND mommy has just gotten thru with two weeks of antidiodics! It is pure hell trying to take care of a little one while you are sick!! I feel for you!! Poor thing! Hope your household gets better really soon. She looks cute as a button though although she is sick! Love the hair band with the flower!

  6. I hope everyone feels better soon and love those pictures.
    Come by my place, I left an award for you.

  7. I'm glad you guys are doing better now Karen! What a precious girl.

    I have made you my BOTW. *Smiles*

  8. Nothing is worst than being sick WHILE your baby is sick too!! :-( How awful, but glad you made it through! p.s. Still not sleeping through the night on this end! But we have made good strides by getting rid of the swaddle, and having her put herself to sleep after fussing for awhile, so I think we're moving in the right direction!! I know one day I will miss feeding her at 4am, so i am trying not to get too upset over it :-) Hope J sleeps through the night soon!!


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