Thursday, April 22, 2010

The Pink Bumbo

I have always thought that babies look so cute all propped up in a Bumbo seat. Who doesn't love a little baby who can barely hold their head up all squished into a colorful foam seat? When it was time for me to register for my little girls baby items, I couldn't wait to put the Bumbo on my list. I actually thought for a moment about registering for the neutral green one, but who was I kidding? The pink one was just way too cute to pass up. I apologize in advance to my future sons who may inherit the pink Bumbo next.

The pink Bumbo has been sitting in Jillian's closet untouched ever since my shower back in October. When I came across it last week, it dawned on me that she may finally be ready to use it!!!! I got it out, all excited to finally see my sweet baby girls chubby legs all folded into the bottom of the seat. As soon as I placed her in the seat, she started screaming! Apparently I was more ready for it than she was. So back into the closet it went.

So I thought I would try it again tonight to see what would happen. Success! Not for long though, she looked so uncomfortable and kept giving me the "Mom, why are you doing this to me?" face. I was able to snap a few pictures though before the melt down ensued!!!

Look at me, I am such a big girl!

Maybe if Daddy plays with my nose, I won't feel so squished!

Come on! What are you trying to do to me?

OK, that is a little better, I suppose...

or not....

Maybe a kiss from Daddy will make it all better

Nope! Daddy take me out now!


  1. LOL our pink bumbo is waiting too. I tried to put her in it twice and both times it looked like a torture device. I'll wait till i have cereal to give her in order to distract her before I try again.

  2. so funny! I'm sure she'll like it soon! I borrowed the Bumbo Tray from a friend, and if you put some toys on it, she might like it! I think the tray would be a good investment bc you can do more with it then! Our daughter inherited the BLUE bumbo! Wish I had the pink one! Also, the Bumbo came in the handiest for me when our little boy was 9 months to a year and I would put him in it to trim his nails, because he was stuck once I put him in there and couldn't wriggle, run or crawl away :-)

  3. Love it! She is adorable. Randi loved hers so give it some time. Now she doesn't fit in her. :(

  4. We have the Prince Lionheart version of the Bumbo, but I think the Bumbo looks better--and Jillian is sitting up in it really well!

  5. So funny! Before you know it, she'll like it. My little one's legs are almost too chunky to fit through the seat holes now! Oh how fast they grow!

  6. We didn't have those when Caden was a baby. He liked to move a lot. He rolled over at 2 months old so at 3 months I was borrowing a walker and putting a pillow in it to prop him up. He was off and running. He loved that thing. She is so cute in that thing:)

    He will be 16 in a few weeks:(

  7. Its amazing all the new stuff that is out now compared to just four years ago! It makes me want to have another one!;)

  8. So fun & so adorable!

  9. LO loves her pink bumbo!

  10. LOL! V pretty much had a meltdown the first few times we tried the bumbo. But now she sits in it regularly and really likes it! I'm sure Jillian will get used to it!


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