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Monday, July 26, 2010

If you are visiting from Jenna's blog hop... Welcome! I think Jenna's Journey, Commenting Challenge is a great idea! I don't always leave comments, so this week, I'm going to start leaving more comments. Join in if you'd like! I know all bloggers love comments, yet, we are all guilty of not leaving them.


  1. Thanks for asking about my treatments and for praying for us! We are taking a little break right now but hope to start back up in the next little bit! Just needed a sanity break! ha! Hope you are having a good week!!

  2. I stopped by from Jenna's Journey and just finished reading your bio. I am from Canton, Ohio and moved down to North Myrtle Beach about 3 years ago. I thought that was a neat connection...
    What a cute family you have! :)

  3. I am here from Jenna's Journey. Your blog looks great, it may have to become on my "regular read list". =)

  4. I used to be soooo good about leaving comments until I became pregnant (toooo tired) and then when I had Westin it went further down hill. Hahaha This is a great idea.

  5. I'm here from Jenna's link up. We're building our dream home, so I've really enjoyed looking at your progression pictures. I can only dream of having our home finished - someday.


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