Sunday, August 01, 2010

Hello from Arkansas!

Happy Sunday morning, I am blogging to you live from Arkansas this morning! We are having a fun filled weekend with my family, and more importantly, finally met my twin nieces!!!

The twelve hour drive was not that bad. We decided to break up the trip into two days. We left after work on Thursday and drove four hours from Cleveland to Cincinnati. Jillian thankfully slept like a champ in the hotel room and we were able to leave at 8am the next morning feeling refreshed and motivated to take on the final eight hours. We decided to stop off in Nashville and have lunch at Sonic. It was our first Sonic experience and I was positively giddy!! I have heard so much about Sonic, however, Cleveland finally just opened it's first one this year and it is on the complete opposite side of town from us. So what better place then to experience Sonic than in Nashville!

Our waitress got a big kick out of us since we openly admitted to being Sonic virgins:

Me enjoying my Sonic Diet Coke:

Jillian was a real trooper during the very long and hot twelve hour drive!!! She slept the majority of the trip, however, she started to get a little fussy towards the end. She just wasn't having it anymore. So Mommy sat in the back seat with her to keep her company.

With all of our trips to the Carolinas, one would think that we are accustomed to the Southern heat. Oh my word, nothing compares to the heat that we are experiencing here in Arkansas! It was 102 degrees yesterday at 6pm!

Jillian is loving hanging out with her cousins.

And so are we!!!!


  1. how fun! you are is HOT!!! here in GA we have had the triple digit temps (not counting the heat index and humidity....ugh!!!)
    Hope you liked sonic :) jillian looks so big next to the twins - precious!! hope you have a great trip!!

  2. How exciting to meet your nieces & have your first Sonic experience!!! The girls are all so adorable. Have a great visit!

  3. Oh how cool that you are in Arkansas!!! I wish we could have planned a bloggy meet up? :)

    It is HOT here, isn't it!! Hope you have a great visit and safe trip home! :)

  4. Anonymous8:36 PM

    I love the last pic! Hope your visit is going well and you have a safe trip back! Can't believe that is you first time going to Sonic. They are a dime a dozen here.

  5. This is adorable! The Cousins! And you know we're fond of twins. Great memories looking here - brings back the days!

  6. You're not telling me anything I don't already know! It's hot in the South...haha! Glad you're enjoying your trip. We have a long trip ahead of us soon, 13 hours! Fingers crossed it'll be as smooth as your trip to Arkansas! Your nieces are adorable!

  7. Your Sonic part cracks me up! In Oklahoma we have a sonic on every corner and I have a sonic drink almost every day on my way to work! I guess I shouldn't take it for granted! Love the ice! =) Its the best part!


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